Hoards of photographers and fans have been waiting outside St Mary’s Hospital in London for over three weeks in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, arriving in labor. While the expectant royal arrived at the medical facility relatively unnoticed early Monday morning, the scene of interested locals and media has continued to grow.

The large crowd, which is congregating across the street from the Lindo wing at St Mary's Hospital in London where Middleton, 31, is currently in labor, has yet to capture an image of Britain's newest royal, but they haven't spent their time there in vain. A Prince Harry lookalike was the first to cause a scene at the infamous wing, where the late Princess Diana delivered both her sons, including expectant father Prince William. The unidentified individual, who completed the stunt in an effort to promote the Twitter hashtag #RoyalTeddy, arrived wearing a military uniform, sporting Prince Harry's signiture red locks and even bearing gifts for the royal baby all accompanied by a man in a teddy bear suit Tuesday.

While the Prince Harry impersonator was the first to start the trend of unusual Lindo wing guests, others have also paid a visit to the wing dressed as members of the royal family. An unidentified group of five women showed wearing Kate Middleton masks and pregnant bellies Thursday, followed by a man in a Prince William mask who also posed for photographers. Commoners have also created a stir at the site where longtime royal family support, Terry Hutt, made an appearance wearing a Union Jack uniform last week sporting a sign that read: "Congratulations Prince William, Catherine, hip, hip, hooray."

Palace officials confirmed in a statement Monday that the Duchess was in the "early stages of labor" as of early Monday morning. The child's birth announcement, which will include information regarding its gender, weight and birth date, will be on display outside of Buckhingam Palace directly after the child's birth. Middleton is currently in the labor with her husband, Prince William, at St Mary's Hospital. (To view a live stream of the Lindo wing at St Mary's Hospital click here).