Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William and Prince Harry attend the opening of the Greenhouse Sports Centre on April 26, 2018, in London. Getty Images/Toby Melville

One netizen asked if Prince William and Prince Harry are using their late mom Princess Diana for PR purposes.

In this forum, the netizens shared their thoughts about the Prince and Princess of Wales’ sons using their mother for PR purposes. The question came during Princess Diana’s 20th death anniversary. Many don’t think so that the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex are using their mom in any way for public relations.

“Probably not!” Mags Sutton, a retired health professional, commented. “I think there is an unhealthy curiosity about their mother, from the British public, they love an under dog and she certainly played that card well, very much to the detriment of the royals and her children, who have had to deal with her death and the fallout of her behaviour.”

Sutton added that it’s normal for Prince William and Prince Harry to put their mom on a pedestal. Also, Princess Diana’s relationship with the press affected the royal brothers. They resented the media. Sutton felt that Princess Diana’s children were only pushed to make interviews in 2017 because it’s her death anniversary.

“Quite the opposite,” Jade Worthington, a social worker, said.

According to her, the two princes only recognized their mother being a public figure that’s why they agreed to do those interviews.

“Possibly you are someone who gives a gift calculating returns but these two men live with abundance. They don’t need to scheme about how to exploit and its’ not in their character,” Worthington explained.

Prince William and Prince Harry grew up very close to each other following the death of their mother. However, recent reports claim that the brothers have a falling-out.

Middleton and Markle’s husbands were last seen together on Easter Sunday. According to body language expert Judi James, “anxious” Prince Harry was “desperate to avoid” his big brother, Prince William.

Peter Clayton, another royal expert, noticed that the princes didn’t do anything to put a united front which only suggested a “more serious falling out.” Since the two princes are not making any effort to reconcile, Kate Middleton is reportedly stepping in to help her husband and brother-in-law end their “hurtful rift.”