The Royals
Actors William Moseley, Elizabeth Hurley and Alexandra Park (from left) from the television series "The Royals." Reuters/Eric Gaillard

In this week’s explosive episode of “The Royals” Season 2, Prince Liam finally learns the truth about Jasper's identity and background. Episode 9 also finally confirms the identity of King Simon’s killer, and the betrayal is heartbreaking.

Ted Pryce (Oliver Milburn) reviews the security footage from the palace and sees the Grand Duchess Alexandra (Joan Collins), confessing to the murder of Dominique Stewart, also called Domino. He shows the footage to Domino’s brother, and they appear to agree that the Royal Family, as a whole, is a group of individuals who must pay for the murder among other atrocities. Dominique’s namesake and niece, tells Ted how she doesn’t believe that the rest of the family should pay for the sins of the others, but Ted doesn’t appear to agree with her.

As Ted was looking through the surveillance tapes, he also noticed that Jasper (Tom Austen), Prince Liam's bodyguard, has been digging around. He confronts Jasper, and commands him to stop investigating the King’s murder. Jasper knows that Lucius is just a fall guy, so the restriction causes him to be even more curious.

Jasper tells Prince Liam (William Moseley) that Lucius could not have killed King Simon, because he was seen in the palace security footage, at the time of the attack. He vows to continue to dig for information with the Prince’s blessing.

Meanwhile, Liam gets an unusual offer from the Deputy Prime Minister. Due to his newfound popularity thanks to Dominique’s YouTube video of him talking about his family. She asks if he would consider becoming a cultural ambassador. The post will take him to New York, and the Deputy Prime Minister knows that his ex-girlfriend, Ophelia is there. Liam considers it, but after having a chat with his new love interest, Wilhelmina, he decides to stay and try to make a change on home soil.

Meanwhile, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) also has her mind on Lucius. After seeing that her lover, Alistair Lacey is alive, she knows that Lucius didn’t murder him, and is just a fall guy for the murder of her late husband. She summons him and tells him that he will be exonerated and freed. However, he tells her that he does not wish another scandal upon the monarchy. He professes his undying loyalty to her once again, and reveals that it was Cyrus, who ordered the unsuccessful assassination of her lover.

Helena becomes even more determined to take the throne from Cyrus and his offspring. She visits the maid, Prudence, who is carrying Cyrus’ heir. As much as Prudence hates Cyrus, she needs the life of comfort and privilege that he will be able to provide for her baby. Also, the Queen is the last person that Prudence wants to trust, so she refuses to listen to Helena’s pleas to save her child from the monarchy.

Back at the palace, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) is busy cleaning her room. She gets rid of all the drugs, and proudly presents her work to her bodyguard, James. She gets interrupted, when a call comes through from her rehab friend, Imogen. Eleanor heads out to a hotel to meet her friend, and is surprised to see Imogen looking nervous and scared. She asks Eleanor for drugs, and the Princess becomes even more concerned. Their little reunion is cut short, when a group of Russian men arrive. Imogen whisks them away, looking clearly scared.

Later, Imogen calls again, and Eleanor rushes to see her. She finds her friend bleeding, and badly beaten up. Imogen says her husband loaned her to the other Russian man, who physically abused her. Before the two of them could escape, Ivan, Imogen’s husband arrives, Eleanor calls her bodyguard, James. He arrives with Jasper, just in time, to rescue the girls from Ivan.

James and Jasper manage to rescue Eleanor together, because they happened to be at the same place, when her call came in. James had been following Jasper, after he uncovered his true identity and his connection to Eleanor’s ex-girlfriend Mandy. Meanwhile, Jasper had been following Brandon Boone, the man who confessed to killing Prince Robert. During the confrontation between the three of them, they all agreed that King Simon’s real killer is still on the loose, and they all want to find him.

Now that James is convinced that he can trust Jasper, he gives him the earrings that Mandy took from the Princess. He encourages Jasper to return them himself, in an effort to help him reconcile with her. Unfortunately, Eleanor still isn’t ready to let Jasper back into her life.

While Jasper’s personal life is in shambles, he at least catches a break in the murder investigation. He starts retracing the late King’s steps, and figures out where he might have been, when the stabbing occurred. He finds a group of young skateboarders, who have a habit of filming their stunts. He asks them for the tapes from their cameras, and for some reason, he manages to convince them to turn over all of the important footage.

Meanwhile, Prince Liam is telling Eleanor that Jasper has proven that Lucius didn’t kill their father. Eleanor sees how much Liam trusts Jasper, and decides to tell him all about Jasper and Mandy, and their initial plans to steal the crown jewels. Liam is furious and rushes to confront Jasper. He throws a punch that sends the bodyguard to the ground, before Jasper could blurt out that he knows who killed King Simon.

Jasper reviewed the footage that he got from the skater kids. He saw King Simon walking away from the palace. A man intercepted him from behind a pillar, and luckily, the whole stabbing was caught on tape. The biggest shock came, when the killer turned and showed his face. Ted Pryce, the head of palace security, is the man who killed the King.

Find out what happens next, when “the Royals” Season 2 returns on Sunday, at 10:00 p.m. ET on E!.