Quite a bit of drama played out and caused trouble during the Queen’s birthday dinner on “The Royals.” Now, following some of the revelations that were made, things will kick up to a new level on the E! series.

After Eleanor (Alexandra Park) confessed to Jasper that she was the mysterious Robin Hood who was leaving expensive items at the homes of the poor so they could turn their lives around, it opened a new chapter for the couple. It’s one they will seem to explore together-until it potentially leads them into some trouble on Season 4, Episode 7, “Forgive Me This My Virtue.”

“Eleanor enlists Jasper’s help for one of her covert missions,” a synopsis for the episode teases.

In a preview clip, Jasper seems opposed to Eleanor continuing with these missions of hers because of the danger she’s potentially putting herself in.

The Royals
New drama begins to unfold on Season 4, Episode 7 of “The Royals.” E! Entertainment

“These missions aren’t a good idea,” he says in the clip. “Going into shady neighborhoods? You’re breaking and entering and putting yourself in harm’s way.”

However, after Eleanor insists that this is how she has finally been able to feel like she’s doing something meaningful for the people, Jasper will finally agree to go along with her and help. Still, the two of them working together on this one mission doesn’t necessarily mean that things will suddenly go well, as they quickly appear to be trapped in a closet in someone’s home—as the person arrives back. The predicament risks jeopardizing their anonymity and the whole plot completely.

Meanwhile, following Robert (Max Browne) and Willow’s (Genevieve Gaunt) announcement that they were engaged, things will quickly ramp up for the pair, as she prepares to go from just being the king’s social media head to his potential wife and the official Queen. Still, it appears something will happen that will make her a less popular choice and put the engagement at risk—until Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) steps in to help as she adjusts to her less important role in the public eye.

“Helena begins a new chapter at a royal event where the press attacks Willow,” the synopsis teases.

Now, if something comes out that could make Willow seem like an unsuitable choice for Robert’s wife, it could open things up again for the calculating Cassandra (Emily Barber), who wants nothing more than to be Queen, and seems ready to do whatever it takes in order to make sure she’s the one who wears the crown in the end.

“The Royals” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on E!