• A Russian nurse went viral after she was photographed wearing underwear beneath a transparent PPE
  • She was chastised by hospital administrators, but she landed a modeling contract
  • She is now a model for Zasport, a Russian brand that specializes in sport and casual wear

During the height of the coronavirus pandemic in Russia, a photo with very little connection with the disease gained viral status. A Russian nurse apparently made a choice to wear only a sports bra and shorts underneath the see-through PPE gown while caring for patients at a hospital in Tula City.

Feeling Too Hot

Nadezhda Zhukova, a 23-year-old nurse, working at the Tula Regional Clinical Hospital, was thrust into the limelight when a photo of her wearing undies beneath her PPE went viral. Officials at the hospital where she worked immediately called her attention and asked for an explanation.

The nurse said that she felt “too hot” wearing scrubs underneath a vinyl gown, along with gloves, face mask, hood, and goggles. This is why she decided to wear only the sports undergarments beneath the protective suit.

nurse wearing only sports undies beneath a transparent PPE lands a modeling contract
nurse wearing only sports undies beneath a transparent PPE lands a modeling contract Omni Matryx - Pixabay

Reprimanded For Non-Compliance With Hospital Requirements

When photos of the nurse in the controversial outfit went viral, the hospital chastised the nurse for “non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing.” In the end, however, everything worked well for Zhukova as she clinched a modeling contract as part of the country’s Medic Day celebration on June 21, Fox News reports.

In an interview with Zasport, the nurse told the company she had always wanted to become a doctor ever since she was a child, and that dream is still on her mind. Until then, however, Zhukova seems to be enjoying her new gig with the company, which specializes in sport and casual wear, and also develops equipment for Russian sports clubs and associations.

Still Embarrassed About The Photo

The nurse revealed that Zasport backs sports veterans, as well as doctors. The 23-year-old said through an interpreter that she is interested in such cooperation, and she looks forward to combining her main profession with her modeling gig. She reiterated that the main objective for her is to become a good doctor and help those with medical needs.

Despite the fame she gained from the viral photo, the young nurse admits being embarrassed talking about the almost-naked incident. “I remember that I came from the shift, and they’re throwing off the link to the publication. Of course, I recognized myself and immediately closed my accounts on social networks but I didn’t clear the VKontakte cache - several photos were saved there, which eventually ended up in the media,” Zhukova said.