The Russo brothers have once again shown interest in the character Wolverine in a recent interview. The “Avengers” directors previously chose the character when a fan asked them about the character from “X-Men” they would like to direct.

The Thanos (Josh Brolin) snap in “Avengers: Infinity War” such a huge scene that it is something that is talked about even now. The event wiped out half the life in the fictitious Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Joe and Anthony Russo were given an imaginary scenario in an interview with IGN, but there was an “X-Men” twist.

The Russo brothers were asked to pick the “X-Men” characters who they would like to keep alive in case the others died because of Thanos’ snap. Among the characters like Storm, Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, and Rogue, the directors decided to keep only Wolverine alive.

When asked to explain their decision, the directors said that they would like to see a motivated Wolverine go up against Thanos. The plot of “Avengers: Endgame” was about the survivers teaming up to take on the Mad Titan, but the “X-Men” were not a part of the MCU at that time.

After Disney bought the major movie and TV assets from Fox, there has been a lot of speculation about which of the characters will be entering the MCU, Screen Rant reported. The evidence points to Wolverine being the favorite character that the “Avengers” directors would like to direct.

This is not the first time that the Russo brothers have commented about the “X-Men” character. In a previous interaction with the fans on a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, the directors said that they would love to direct Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman retired from playing Wolverine in 2017. It remains to be seen which actor will be cast to play the role in the MCU.

Pictured is a scene from one of the "Avengers" films. Avengers/Facebook