Following their Hawaii wedding this past Saturday, Philadelphia Phillies first baseman, Ryan Howard and his new wife, former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, Krystle Campbell, partook in the new post-nuptials fad, "trash the dress."

The couple got another chance to don their wedding gear as they posed for a photo shoot in the water at a Hawaii beach, according to Yahoo! News. Pretty soon the bride’s dress succumbed to the waves and was covered in sand.

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The released photos look like a perfect before-and-after shot, first the couple embraces lovingly, and then they look “as if they're filing the experience under ‘something that was much better in theory,’” according to Yahoo News.

Luckily, Howard and Campbell were unscathed. The only thing that suffered was of course, the dress. Campbell was featured on TLC's "Say Yes To The Dress" in August, documenting her search for the infamous gown at Kleinfeld in New York City.

News outlets note that Howard is negotiating a contract for which he would earn $125 million over five years, so the Philadelphia sports couple may not be too concerned about how much they lost on the dress. Perhaps they will be able to get it restored.

The “trash the dress” tradition, however, is marred with tragedy. Earlier this year, there were reports of a Quebec woman who drowned in a river because her waterlogged dress weighed her down so much she could not fight the currents.