Sacha Baron Cohen's Nobby
Sacha Baron Cohen at the premiere of “Brothers Grimsby” as Nobby. Reuters

Known for his movie premiere stunts, actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen walked the red carpet for his latest film “The Brothers Grimsby” in Los Angeles Thursday, arriving as new fictional alter-ego Nobby, who declared his support for U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump's political campaign.

Speaking as English beer-drinking soccer fan Nobby, Baron Cohen, who is known for his satirical characters, took to the podium to make the announcement.

In the film, released as “Grimsby” in Britain, Nobby who lives in the northern English town of Grimsby, is reunited with his long lost brother, secret agent Sebastian (Mark Strong), and soon finds himself on a world saving mission. The movie has sparked some controversy over how it paints the town.

“The Brothers Grimsby” is to be released in the U.S. next Friday.