The safer internet day is celebrated in February each year and this year, Feb. 9 marks the day. The day was launched in the U.K. to raise awareness about correct internet practices and reflect on the concerns around the online world such as cyberbullying and other forms of online harassment.

The day focuses on a range of topics, including consent, ownership, and data privacy, and also aims to rid the online world of malevolence of any sort and ensure the security of children and adults alike.

History of Safer Internet Day:

Every year, the UK Safer Internet Centre organizes the Safer Internet Day event to address the issue of internet safety. The day was first initiated in 2004 as part of the European Union’s SafeBorders project which intended to increase access to high-quality online content to children and young people while brainstorming ways to create a safer online environment for them.

Safer Internet Day was later taken over by Insafe, the network of Safer Internet Centres, and enjoys a wide global reach right now with over 170 countries across all continents commemorating the day.

Together for a better internet:

The slogan of Safer Internet Day 2021 is “Together for a better internet.” The European Commission will organize an online event with youth ambassadors in attendance.

How can you ensure your child’s safety on the internet?

While the experts are working to belt out high-end strategies to protect kids from online harm, parents can also do their bit to ensure the safety of their children while using the internet.

Here are some tips to stay safe on the internet:

  • Keep a vigil on the websites your child is entering and run a check on the browser history.
  • Make sure your password is strong for safeguarding your personal data.
  • Be equally cautious while using the internet on your mobile as you would be while using on your desktop/laptop.
  • Make sure that you completely trust the link before clicking on it.
  • Keep your privacy settings high at all times.
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