Sally Field recalled her "Mrs. Doubtfire" co-star Robin Williams at the 29th Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards ceremony Sunday. Williams died at the age of 63 in 2014.

Field, who received the Life Achievement Award at the ceremony, said, "What you think about immediately is Robin. There isn't a moment of it that's not filled with my love and joy at being in his presence. I mean, Robin was Robin. He was everything he seemed to be: a generous, loving, sweet, talented man," Entertainment Weekly reported.

Williams and Field worked together on the 1993 comedy movie. The 76-year-old actress said she "misses him" and that "he should be growing old like me, for God's sakes. I hate it that he isn't here."

Williams played Field's estranged husband in the comedy movie. He posed as a woman to get hired as a nanny so that he can stay close to their children. The movie also stars Mara Wilson, Matthew Lawrence, Lisa Jakub and Pierce Brosnan.

Apart from talking about Williams, Field also recalled her journey in Hollywood while accepting her Life Achievement Award.

"I wasn't looking for the applause or the attention, even though that's nice… sometimes," she said. "Acting to me has always been about finding those few precious moments when I feel totally, utterly, sometimes dangerously alive."

She continued, "So the task has always been to find a way to get to that, to get to the work, to claw my way to it if necessary."

The actress went on to share the number of roles she had portrayed over the years.

"I've flown on wires and surfed in the ocean, rode on horses on wagon trains and fast cars. I've had multiple personalities, worked at a textile mill, picked cotton," she recalled. "I've been Mrs. Doubtfire's employer, Forrest Gump's mother, Lincoln's wife and Spider-Man's aunt."

Field concluded her speech by expressing how "thrilled" she feels to call herself an actor and thanked everyone for the "great honor."

The award was presented to Field by Andrew Garfield. In case you have missed it, here's a list of all winners of the SAG Awards.

Sally Field as May Parker
Actress Sally Field arrives on the red carpet at the 61st annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles Reuters