• Gagumber and Memempu confront a Kaiju
  • "Sakugan" Episode 2 is airing Thursday
  • The episode will live stream on Crunchyroll

Memempu is ready to leave Pinyin in "Sakugan" Episode 2, but an attack by a Kaiju forces her to stay. The new episode is titled "Good Day, Good Bye."

A renowned Marker named Urorop sends a pendant to Memempu and she sees an elaborate map of the labyrinth. The synopsis of "Sakugan" Episode 2 reveals Pinyin coming under attack by a Kaiju and Gagumber starts a robot hidden in the warehouse.

In Episode 2, Gagumber and his daughter Memempu will fight the Kaiju.

“Memempu examines a pendant sent by Urorop, a legendary Marker. On the front, there is a detailed map of the labyrinth. As Memempu finally decides to leave, Pinyin is suddenly attacked by Kaiju. Gagumber activates a bot hidden in the warehouse district and, together with Memempu, confronts Kaiju,” read the official synopsis of Episode 2.

In Episode 1 of "Sakugan," Memempu, a bright young girl and master inventor, worked with his father Gagumber in an Asian-style colony named Pinyin.

She expressed her desire to become a Marker, but Gagumber reminded her that they are workers. He added running off into the labyrinth was extremely dangerous.

Memempu tried to reason with him and told him she just wanted to find out if the place really existed. Later, they met Walsh and Lynda, a father-daughter Marker duo and Memempu was impressed by them.

Walsh and Lynda shared stories from their latest mission in the labyrinth. She found out there was still a lot of Underworld that was yet to be explored.

Walsh vowed his team will explore the farthest of unexplored places in the times to come. Memempu was pumped up and she was ready to get out of Pinyin.

The cast of "Sakugan" anime includes Kanon Amane as Memempu, Hiroki Touchi as Gagumber, Hikaru Midorikawa as Rufus, Hiroshi Kamiya as DJ K, Kana Hanazawa as Zackletu, Minami Tsuda as Linda, Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Yuri, Misaki Watada as Mūro, Yoshimasa Hosoya as Melо̄lo and Tsuyoshi Koyama as Boss.

Fans can watch "Sakugan" Episode 2 online on Crunchyroll Thursday. The episode will live stream in Japanese with English subtitles.

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