Will Salem survive Black Sunday? Watch the “Salem” series finale “Salem” on Wednesday, Jan. 25 at 9 p.m. EST on WGN America. WGN America

WGN America series “Salem” premiered its penultimate episode this week. Season 3, episode 9 saw Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel) learning the truth about his powerful wife Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant). He discovered that she stole his and Gloriana’s (Azure Parsons) child and wiped her memories. This episode also saw the return of the devil (Oliver Bell) after Anne and her brother Sebastian (Joe Doyle) opened the doorway to hell.

What can we expect in “Salem” Season 3, episode 10? Here are three spoilers we learned about the series finale from the promo and synopsis (via TVGuide):

1. Anne Will Give A Powerful Speech To The Public

Now that her husband is trapped inside the house, Anne will take his place and deliver a rousing speech in the church. She will tell the people of Salem that they were being ruled by witches all along. It seems likely that she will inform them that Black Sunday is coming.

Anne has really changed since the show’s freshman season. From a sweet, innocent girl who hated witches to being a witch that stole someone’s baby and works with the devil, Anne has truly become Countess Marburg’s (Lucy Lawless) child.

2. Mary Will Attack John Alden

Speaking of Marburg, Mary’s (Janet Montgomery) nemesis has been drinking her blood for a long time. She significantly weakened the Essex witch. In “Salem” Season 3, episode 10, titled “Black Sunday,” a weak Mary will be lying in bed. Her lover John Alden (Shane West) visits her. However, instead of loving him, she attacks him. Is the Countess taking over Mary’s body?

3. The Series Finale Is Filled With Horror

Every episode of “Salem” has always had ample scenes filled with revulsion and horror. The Season 3 finale will be no exception.

Unfortunately, neither the promo nor synopsis tease of the Countess’ return. Hopefully, we will see Lawless’ fierce and evil character before the show ends.

Catch “Salem” on Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on WGN America.