Samantha Brick, the 41-year-old self-proclaimed beautiful journalist, has provoked a barrage of criticism after her opinion piece titled The Downsides of Looking This pretty: Why Women Hate Me for Being Beautiful? went viral Tuesday.

Her name has trended globally on Twitter for the past two days and her first opinion piece which was published by the Daily Mail Tuesday has got more than 1.5 million hits on the website and tens of thousands of comments.

Why Women Hate Me for Being Beautiful was also named as the most-read web article in the world.

The article was followed by another article, This bile just proves I'm right, in which she insisted that she had no regrets about her story. The French writer also admitted that she knew that her first opinion piece would invite trouble and spark debate. She told her editor, I was fully aware I was setting myself up for a fall.

Yet even I could never have imagined the fury my piece would spawn and the thousands upon thousands of nasty comments I've been subjected to since it was published, she said.

People who felt strongly about the article took to social networking sites to share their views about the writer and the article. Some people shared humorous photoshop images and videos. Some people created fake Twitter handles pretending to be her, but the fake accounts have been suspended now. While some people supported her and said she had a right to freedom of expression.

However, the writer in an interview with The Independent said that she just wanted to bring forward her life experiences.

In the article there are several aspects of my life that have been compressed, but it was never my intention to brag or does a Gwyneth Paltrow look at me. I just wanted to put forward my life experiences, she told The Independent.

When asked whether it was wise that her looks are being compared to Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie, she replied saying, I certainly wasn't comparing myself to them - that's been clearly misconstrued. [She intended to demonstrate that women in the US aren't judged for their confidence]. Women in LA messaged me to say I've hit the nail on the head.

Brick also justified her comment saying, my looks had helped me out again and that In France, people are much more helpful and much friendlier. A man saw I was struggling at the supermarket and offered to park my car for me and came out with a coffee. In France, people are much more outgoing and much more in tune with their emotions. If they're really happy or really angry, you know it. We have that false modesty in Britain when we're asking for a compliment. Some could say my confidence in writing that article has been borne of living in France. I've changed as a person.

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