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If you're looking for a new — but not necessarily the newest — Samsung smartphone, the manufacturer's store has some strong options for you.

Samsung's online store is offering several discounts and deals on older Samsung S7 and S7 Edge models, according to SamMobile. For Verizon users, you can save $100 on the 32GB version of both smartphones. With the discount, the S7 costs $572 while the S7 Edge will run you $692.

Sprint subscribers interested in an Edge can benefit from the store's largest discount, as Samsung has docked $250 off the 32GB smartphone's price tag. At only $444, it's the cheapest S7 Edge among the store's options. With the exception of Sprint's larger discount, a Samsung Galaxy S7 will run around $560 from the Samsung store, while an Edge will cost around $670. Exact costs for each smartphone will depend on your specific carrier.

In addition, Samsung will also throw in bonus storage at no additional cost for unlocked and major carrier versions of each phone. The company will bundle in a 64GB microSD card for each Galaxy S7 and add a 128GB microSD card on each Galaxy S7 Edge.

The inventory clearing comes as Samsung preps for the upcoming Galaxy S8 series of smartphones. The new lineup, which will come in 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch variants, will include specifications like improved internal hardware and a rear fingerprint scanner. After its formal announcement in March, the phone is expected to release April 28.