Finally, after a long delay, Korean tech giant Samsung is ready to launch its first foray into the foldable smartphones category into the U.S. this week. Will the new Galaxy Fold overcome the shame it received months ago?

Samsung, in a press release, announced that it is launching the delayed and redesigned Galaxy Fold smartphone this week, specifically on Friday, Sept. 27. The new device can be purchased from various retail locations, and will be available in two colors. Additionally, those who avail of a special service will be given a walkthrough on how to use the new device.

“The Galaxy Fold is a remarkable device that will redefine the way people use their smartphones,” Samsung said. “We can’t wait to unfold the future with you on Sept. 27.”

Samsung said the Galaxy Fold, which has been redesigned to become more durable and resistant to dust and dirt, will be available on AT&T and select AT&T stores. It will also be available from select Best Buy stores and select Samsung Experience Store retail locations. Galaxy Fold units purchased via AT&T will be locked to the carrier, while those purchased via other stores can be Unlocked by Samsung versions.

Leather cases for the Galaxy Fold
Protect your Samsung Galaxy Fold with these leather cases. Samsung

The South Korean tech giant proudly stated that the Galaxy Fold is the “biggest leap forward in smartphone design and engineering” to date, considering that smartphones started appearing in the market more than a decade ago. The tech company said it reimagines what people can do with technologies that can fit in their pocket.

Samsung said the Galaxy Fold is made with new materials and technologies. Its two displays can be used for a variety of purposes, but Samsung worked with developers to make sure transitioning from one display to another will be easy.

For example, those who are looking for an address on Google Maps using the small cover display will be able to see more detail simply by opening the device and looking at the wider display inside.

Samsung also said those who will avail of the Galaxy Fold Premier Service, which will be made available for those who will purchase a Galaxy Fold in the U.S., will have the chance to ask a “Fold Concierge” to walk them through the device and the materials and accessories that are included in the box.

Of course, the Korean tech giant is optimistic about the device. The question that remains, then, is that if this first-gen model will be worth the almost $2,000 price tag that it has.