Expectations are looking grim with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s release. Analysts think that the Galaxy Note 10 sales would not be more significant than its predecessors. Meanwhile, Samsung is counting on the good sales of this upcoming device.

According to international research firm, Counterpoint, the Galaxy Note 10 is expected to be similar to the previous Note 9. The firm predicts that the Note 10 would sell around 9.7 million units for 2019. Yonhap News Agency has previously reported that the Note 9 sold around 9.6 million units so far. The last successful iteration of the Galaxy Note series was Note 8 which came after the explosive Note 7 issues.

Samsung is currently experiencing an income slump during their second quarter and the Note 10 is expected to save or at least push the company up back to speed. The company’s slump is in form of a 41.6 percent dip after the Galaxy S10 failed to perform well in the market.

The new Note 10 is expected to be revealed this August on Samsung’s next Unpacked event early in the month. Samung is expected to reveal new devices in the event which could include the Note 10 and even the delayed Galaxy Fold foldable device.

The company has been silent about the features of the upcoming devices to be revealed in the August Unpacked event. Most of their announcements only span about  the show’s livestream links and plugging the event to their fans.

The Note 10’s known features mostly come from speculations and rumors. If they’re to be believed, the Note 10 would have a new camera, improved charging features, and the lack of headphone jack. All of the details should come out if the Note 10 does get revealed in the Unpacked event.

Potentially, the Galaxy Note 10 launch could also be the release date for the device worldwide. The Galaxy Fold is scheduled for release this coming September. Meanwhile, rival companies such as Huawei and Apple are also planning to release devices in late 2019. Samsung could capitalize this month as Huawei  is still busy handling issues with the US-China trade war and Apple is focusing more on making services than smart devices.