Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is one of the largest smartphones on the market, but is it also the most durable? The staff over at Android Authority sought to answer that question through the world’s first “drop test” for the device.

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 didn’t hold up well in a previous drop test performed by the Android news source, as the body of the company’s flagship device split right open. The Galaxy Note 2 features a similar build to the Galaxy S3, but consists of a larger body and, as the video proves, a more durable form factor.

“We want to make this the most realistic drop test possible,” said Darcy LaCouvee of the Android-themed website during the video.

The entire test consisted of three trials: the first involved the Galaxy Note 2 falling out of the tester’s pocket “as naturally as possible” at 2 feet and 6 inches above the ground. Then, the phone was raised about 4 feet off the ground to LaCouvee’s chest before being dropped. The last involved the Galaxy Note 2 being dropped from the tester’s ear, approximately 5 feet and 6 inches off the ground.

“All of these drops combined will portray the most realistic drop scenario possible,” LaCouvee said.

The Galaxy Note 2 performed well in the first test, simply bouncing from side to side before landing flat on its back. There was a bit of minor damage to the exterior bezel, but everything else remained perfectly intact. However, when dropped from 4 feet onto the concrete in the second test, the phone came apart. The battery flew from the body and the phone was slightly damaged on the left side, but the Galaxy Note 2’s display was left unharmed.

“It does appear to be stronger than the S3 so I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t break,” he said.

During the final test, when the Note 2 was dropped from 5 feet and 6 inches, the phone remained intact. Once again, the battery fell out but the phone did not sustain any major damage, unlike the Galaxy S3. After three drops, the display did not crack and the only harm to be found was minor scuffs along the side of the body.

“Really, really impressed with the Galaxy Note 2,” LaCouvee said. “It’s held up remarkably well, there’s nothing wrong it at all and the display it totally working.”

See the videos below to watch the difference between the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3's durability.

A New Feature For Multi-Tasking

Samsung has boasted that its Galaxy Note 2 is ideal for multi-tasking on the go, and now users are beginning to see that in one of the device’s new features. A functionality that allows users to display multiple windows at a time on the screen will be available in the Galaxy Note 2.

This ability may not seem new to some Samsung users, as a similar feature was found in the manufacturer’s Galaxy Note 10.1 tab. However, this functionality was limited to only about six apps on the Samsung tablet. The new version of this multi-window feature on the Note 2 seems to be compatible with any app, and users can also resize areas on the screen as shown in a Korean video posted on Droid Life.

To access this feature on the Note 2, users must hold down the Back button. A menu will appear on the display and users will be able to grab that menu and move it with the S Pen. Once users find a preferred location on the screen, the menu can be opened and users can decide which app will be placed in various spaces on the screen.

Release Date Information

The Galaxy Note 2 was officially released in the UK on Monday after first rolling out to South Korea and India last week. The United States will be getting Samsung’s phablet device in November, but the company has not specified a launch date.

The device was unveiled just a day before the annual IFA conference in Berlin at the end of August, and Samsung will be holding another press event in New York to celebrate its launch. On Thursday, the company sent out invitations teasing that “the next big thing is here,” advising members of the media to save the date for Oct. 24.

The Galaxy Note 2 is expected to follow in the footsteps of its successful predecessor, which launched in February of this year and sold about 10 million units to date. Samsung's head of mobile JK Shin predicts that the Note 2 will double these sales and push out 20 million units following its launch.