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Amid many rumored release dates for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone, Samsung CEO DJ Koh has shared details, which may bring a little clarity about when the device will be available. The executive recently told Taiwanese publication ePrice that the Galaxy Note 8 is scheduled to be unveiled in August; however, he did not reveal a specific date.

Several prospective dates for the Galaxy Note 8 release date have surfaced, including Aug. 20, Aug. 26 and most recently Aug. 23. Pundits consider the latter as the most plausible launch date. In particular, that date is a Wednesday, while the dates are on a weekend.

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Koh also detailed that the Galaxy Note 8 will likely go on sale between September and October, depending on the market. This also backs up some reports from June. Consumers can likely expect the smartphone to be available in the U.S., Korea, China and Europe in early September, while smaller markets should receive the device in October.

This release strategy is very similar to cycles Samsung has followed in the past. Prior to heavy competition with Apple, starting with the iPhone 6, Samsung typically unveiled and released its smartphones in the September to October timeframe. Often devices were unveiled at the IFA conference in early September.

Samsung felt pressured to accelerate the launch of the Galaxy Note 4 in 2014 after Apple released the iPhone 6 with a revamped design. The following year, the Galaxy Note 5 was unveiled and released approximately one month ahead of the iPhone 6s. Samsung followed the same strategy in 2016 with the Galaxy Note 7; however, the plan backfired after defective devices began exploding and the product had to be recalled and eventually discontinued.

It appears Samsung has learned a lesson from its attempts to rush products to market ahead of it’s competition. Overall, rumors have suggested a mid-to-late August unveiling for the Galaxy Note 8, which could then easily translate into a market launch in September or later. Such a strategy would give Samsung the opportunity to showcase the Note 8 during IFA and still have its device on the market before the next iPhone is unveiled.

Samsung still insists that the Galaxy Note line does not directly compete with the iPhone due to it being a niche device with a much smaller shipment base. The Galaxy S line remains Samsung’s primary flagship product, which is unveiled and released in the spring and typically sells twice as many handsets as the Note line. It is also unveiled during a time when both news about the prior iPhone and rumors are about the next iPhone are at a low.

Koh told the Taiwanese press that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are outselling their predecessors, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge by at least 15 percent. The company also reported that the recent second quarter was its best in two years, despite the Galaxy Note 7 being pulled from the market. Samsung credits its profit to healthy Galaxy S7 sales.

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Samsung will likely continue to be cautious with its release schedule for future devices. The Galaxy S8 had a much later release date than several prior models. The smartphone was unveiled in late March and released to market in late April. It’s launch closely mirrors the launch of the Galaxy S4, which remains one of Samsung’s most popular devices.

Meanwhile, devices including the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S5 were announced in February and released between March and early April. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S5, in particular, struggled on the market then they were released.

As for the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung hopes an updated design and storage capacity updates will intrigue prospective customers. Rumors suggest the device will have a rear-fingerprint scanner, similar to the Galaxy S8. However, the scanner’s odd placement has already been a major criticism for Galaxy S8. Samsung was expected to introduce an on-screen fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy Note 8, but the feature was reportedly delayed due to developmental issues.