Many new Android smartphones have come out in the past two months, and several more will debut this shopping season, but the ten best are right here. From the Droid 3 to Galaxy S2 to the Droid Razr and Rezound, all the major releases are here, but there might be a few surprises too. Seriously, could you name 10 smartphones of any brand? There are so many with not so memorable names, so we've listed 10 for you dig a little deeper on this year.

Most of the list are recently released devices for obvious reasons, they have the latest tech, but a couple of them are just solid phones that are easily overlooked. That's a real problem in the Android world because so many devices are clustered so closely together in price, screen size and vendor. All three major U.S. carriers do it, so it's hard to get an objective opinion about which really are the best; until now.

In some ways, the list begins and ends with the Galaxy Nexus, Google's phone that will mark the launch of the Android 4.0 update. No pricing or release date has been given yet, but even without it, it's the best Android ever. Start the slideshow to see if the Samsung Galaxy S2 can hold off the Droid Razr for second place.

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