Samsung s3
The Samsung Galaxy S3 release delay continues and AT&T has apologized to its customers saying the phone is expected to hit stores anytime, but a specific date cannot be given at this time. Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been a huge global hit, but it's by no means perfect, and with the next generation iPhone on its way, it's time to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy S3 was a step up from its predecessor, heralding a 4.8-inch screen, a Qualcomm S4 processor, voice control and face recognition. The new Super AMOLED display is 22 percent larger than its predecessor, bringing the phone into the Galaxy Note's phone/tablet hybrid category.


While the S3 screen display has greater pixel density than the S2, some users have criticized the new PenTile technology for creating a loss in vivacity and color saturation.

PenTile may consume less power while achieving HD resolution, but users would like to see a sharper S2-like display in the S4, especially if the phone is to compete with Apple's Retina technology.


The Samsung S3's 2,100mAh battery may be a considerable upgrade from the S2's 1,650mAh, but it's still not enough for some users, who continue to complain about battery drain.

Tests have shown that the battery lasts just about a day with moderate use of some features. For those who like to stream videos and use LTE, at least one battery charge is required within the day. The S4 needs to do better, without compromising the slim design of the phone.


While the S3 has been heralded for its sleek design, some consumers have criticized the plastic chassis, which they claim makes the device look like a toy, Tech Radar reports. While the plastic makes the phone ultra-lite, some glass would give it a more expensive and premium appeal.

As the Samsung Galaxy Note gains popularity for its phone/tablet hybrid qualities, consumers will no doubt expect a larger screen from the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Better S-Voice

Samsung's S-voice doesn't seem to be able to do that much when compared with Apple's Siri. By the time the S4 is released, consumers will look for a more sophisticated voice recognition system that will be able to take on hundreds of voice commands beyond forecasting the weather and giving directions.

Jelly Bean

The Galaxy S3 comes with Android's Ice Cream Sandwich. The Galaxy S4 will see the following improvements should it come with Android 4.1

The Jelly Bean update was unveiled at Google's annual developer's conference in June. Its performance is significantly faster than Ice Cream Sandwich and it is built to harness the power of mobile processors efficiently and improve CPU utilization, according to Google.

Project Butter

The main aim of Jelly Bean's Project Butter is for devices to run with smooth graphics and a seamless response rate. It does this by predicting where the user's finger will be.

Google Chrome Default Browser

Google Chrome on Jelly Bean has replaced Honeycomb and ICS' default browsers. It's speedy, elegant and one of the best browsers on the market.

Google Now

This is a new feature to Jelly Bean that is run through a Siri-like voice recognition tool. It gives you answers and prompts based on your interests, which are identified through your Google Search history, calendar and location data.


On Jelly Bean, widgets can be re-sized and organized by users manually

Improved Camera App

The Jelly Bean camera app has improved the way photos can be viewed. Users can access their photos in an instant with a swipe gesture and a pinch-in-zoom gesture turns the screen into a filmstrip.

Android Beam

The NFC file-sharing interface has been significantly improved through Jelly Bean. Users can now hook up to another NFC-enabled Android phone by tapping it against another device. Information is then transferred between the two phones through Bluetooth.