Sargento Foods Inc. announced a recall for some sliced and shredded cheese products, becoming the latest company to issue a recall over contaminated cheese.

The company said products are being recalled due to a potential contamination of Listeria monocytogenes after Sargento’s supplier, based in Middlebury, Indiana, notified the company that a specialty Longhorn Colby cheese that it supplied may contain the possible contaminant.

Sargento announced Saturday that no illnesses have been reported and that the company remains “committed to food safety and the quality and integrity of our products.”

List of products recalled can be seen below:

  • Sargento Ultra Thin Sliced Longhorn Colby — 6.84 oz., UPC 4610000228, with “Sell By” dates of “12APR17B” and “10MAY17B”
  • Sargento Chef Blends Shredded Nacho & Taco Cheese — 8 oz., UPC 4610040041, with “Sell By” dates of “H14JUN17” and “H12JUL17”

In addition to these, the company has also extended the recall to the following, because of similarity in the packaging process:

  • Sargento Sliced Colby-Jack Cheese — 12 oz., UPC 4610000109 with “Sell By” date of “11JUN17B”
  • Sargento Sliced Pepper Jack Cheese — 12 oz., UPC 4610000108 with “Sell By” dates of  “12JUN17B”, “09JUL17B” and “10JUL17B”
  • Sargento Chef Blends Shredded Taco Cheese — 8 oz., UPC 4610040002 with “Sell By” dates of “H14JUN17” and “F28JUN17”
  • Sargento Off The Block Shredded Fine Cut Colby-Jack Cheese — 8 oz., UPC 4610040014 with “Sell By” date of “F05JUL17”
  • Sargento Off The Block Shredded Fine Cut Cheddar Jack Cheese — 8 oz., UPC 4610040076 with “Sell By” date of “F05JUL17”

No other Sargento products are affected by the recall, according to the Wisconsin-based company.

The company can be contacted at 1-800-243-3737 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST or online through the “Contact Us” page on Sargento says it will continue to “activate reimbursements” to the customers affected.