“Saturday Night Live” started off the 40th Anniversary special with lots of stars and lots of memories. Former guest host Justin Timberlake and former cast member Jimmy Fallon got the party started with a lively run-though of several decades of SNL’s greatest hits. Of course, all in song form.

The rap name-dropped several of the show’s biggest sketches and moments like “Cheeborger, Cheeborger,” “D--- in a Box,” “Schweaty Balls,” “Two Wild and Crazy Guys” and “Pump You Up” gym trainers. The number was mostly set to the tune of Andy Samberg’s breakout SNL Digital Short, “Lazy Sunday.” “The Blues Brothers” and “More Cowbell” sketches received stand-out recreations in the medley.

The duet also featured an appearance by Rachel Dratch’s Debbie Downer and Molly Shannon’s Mary Katherine Gallagher from “Superstar.” Steve Martin took the stage after the cast list with the joke, “Tonight is like a high school reunion. A reunion that’s almost all white.” Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin, Chris Rock, Peyton Manning, Billy Crystal, Melissa McCarthy and Miley Cyrus joined Martin to insist they too, deserved recognition as hosts. “Musicians named Paul,” both McCartney and Simon, joined the crowded stage to state their case to be included in Sunday night’s honors.

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