Olivia Pope might be fabulous … but we would hate to have her job. Episode 15 proved to be explosive for the head Gladiator after dealing with all of Fitz’ family drama, and it appears as if it will be catching up to her in episode 16. Why do we say that? Because Abby is stepping up to fill in for Liv!

According to the official synopsis for Season 3 episode 16, “The Fluffer,” Abby will be filling in for Olivia and taking on her duties at the White House. Back at the Pope & Associates office, the team will continue to be investigating B613; and Governor Reston will find that a wrench has been thrown into his presidential campaign.

But why is Abby even acting as Olivia’s proxy in “The Fluffer”? After Fitz’ meltdown, finding Mellie with Andrew, and having her mother call her “the help,” we wouldn’t blame Olivia for wanting a little time off.

Unfortunately for Olivia, the promo video teases that she really can’t be taking the time off she needs. Abby’s forced to call Olivia and beg her to come back to the White House. And when Olivia asks why, Abby warns her, “things are about to get ugly.”

How ugly? Fast clips from the episode 16 preview video tease:

-Abby walking through what appears to be a prison … with Leo Bergen behind her?

-Andrew confronting Olivia.

-Fitz having a tantrum and yelling at Olivia: “You don’t tell me what to do.”

-Cyrus freaking out over the latest presidential election crisis.

-Momma Pope trying to seduce someone.

-Olivia telling Jake to leave … and Jake hitting the door in anger.

Meanwhile “Scandal” fans can also expect some pretty bizarre relationship drama in episode 16 as well. On the Mellie and Andrew front, the First Lady is trying to forget about their steamy hookup and getting caught. But Andrew has a black eye from Fitz to remind him, and doesn’t have any plans of ending their affair.

“You deserve something real,” Andrew whispers to her in the White House hallway. “Someone who is not just playing the part of the man who loves you. Someone who actually does.”

As for the other “Scandal” love birds, Quinn and Charlie? That relationship has always been bizarre and will continue to get even stranger. After Huck’s kiss, Quinn is acting weird with Charlie and her killer boyfriend realizes it. But instead of calling her out, Charlie decides to take the psycho boyfriend road and begin to question her about how faithful she’s been with her exes. Quinn explains that the last two people she dated died. And when she asks Charlie about his dating past, he explains that she’s “special” because she’s the only one.

Watch Season 3 episode 16 of “Scandal” when it airs on ABC on April 3 at 10 p.m. EDT. What do you think will happen in “The Fluffer”? Let us know in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.