WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Do NOT continue reading unless you watched the season finale of “Scandal.”

Everyone may have survived Maya’s explosion … but “Scandal” fans were still left with their jaws on the floor at the end of the Season 3 finale. The ABC series pulled the ultimate twist, setting up the whole episode to only spin everything on its head. Let’s break it down:

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Losing The Election

After the explosion happened, Olivia and Cyrus realized that Fitz had lost the election to Sally. But why? The TV stations all chose to drop the President’s briefing in order for the camera’s to stay on Sally.

After getting roughed up a little bit be Leo Bergen, Sally went into the explosion zone to begin helping victims. “You go in there and you be Jesus,” Leo told her. And she did just that -- becoming a hero on live TV.

Fitz + Olivia + Mellie

With the election blown, Fitz told Olivia that the silver lining was that they could now move to Vermont and get married. However, Olivia squashed the dream -- telling him that Big Jerry raped Mellie while he was running for Governor.

Despite not believing it at first, Fitz went to Mellie to comfort her. And when Mellie told him that their son was his, Fitz told her that he didn’t care and that it didn’t matter either way.

The moment was sweet and touching, leading “Scandal” viewers to believe that Fitz might finally be there for Mellie. But shortly after he gave Olivia a call telling her that they’re going to have to postpone Vermont.

The Game Changer

Even though the polls have Sally in the lead, Fitz is still finishing out his campaign trail with his family. But in a shocking twist that no one saw coming, something horrifying prevents him from finishing. After sharing a nice moment with his son, Little Jerry begins to cough and sneeze blood on stage before collapsing completely.

The cameras catch a shaken and destroyed Fitz carrying his son out to the car. But it’s too late -- Olivia’s forced to announce that Little Jerry died from bacterial meningitis.

Fitz, Mellie and their daughter are destroyed. And Olivia and Cyrus come to the realization that Little Jerry’s death will lead Fitz to win the election.

“They lost their child,” Olivia told Cyrus. “American will rally behind them. A child is dead and that’s the first thing that popped into my head.”

Rowan’s Offer

Fitz learns from Tom that Little Jerry didn’t just die from any bacterial meningitis -- but a rare strain that was stolen from the CDC earlier that week. Understanding now that his son was murdered, Fitz wants revenge. And Rowan offers up his services after telling him that the person who killed his son was Olivia’s mom, Maya.

Olivia’s Decision

Realizing that she has turned into a monster and that she’s “the scandal,” Olivia asks her father if his offer still stands for a plane and a new life. Rowan promises to take care of everyone at Pope & Associates and Olivia makes the decision to leave. But ultimately she doesn’t end up going alone. When Jake discovers that Olivia is leaving, he begs her to let him come with her. “You want to stand in the sun with me,” she said, amazed. But Jake corrects her. “I want us to stand in the sun together,” Jake countered.

Harrison’s Horrifying Discovery

After learning that Adnan was dead, Harrison helped Rowan by revealing the location of Maya’s final pickup. Rowan ended up picking up Maya, calling the President to let him know that he took care of the situation.

But once Harrison learned that Olivia had left, he realized that something was up. Fitz had reinstated Rowan as Command of B613 after his help in catching Little Jerry’s killer. However Maya didn’t kill Fitz’s son. Harrison figures out that Rowan actually made the call, using Tom to prick Little Jerry with the strain before he headed out on stage.

Rowan tells Harrison that this was his plan all along. He told Olivia that he’d get her on a plane out of town -- and went through a series of ridiculous events to do it. And since he promised Olivia that he wouldn’t hurt a hair on Fitz’s head, he decided to hurt Little Jerry. Rowan’s reasoning was that Fitz took his child, so he wanted to take Fitz’s.

Rowan also revealed that he had Adnan killed in order to get Harrison to talk. And with that, Tom came around the corner, holding up a gun to Harrison.

So, how did the Season 3 finale end for our favorite “Scandal” characters?

Fitz and Mellie -- Cyrus is ecstatic to learn that Fitz is going to win the election. But Fitz can’t celebrate. Falling apart after realizing how everything has crumbled, he begs Mellie to call Olivia for him. But Mellie can’t reach her.

Olivia and Jake -- Olivia and Jake are jetting off into the sunset at the end of episode 18, and Olivia is fully committed to a new life ... So committed that she ignores a phone call from the White House.

Huck -- With an address that Charlie handed Quinn, Huck comes face-to-face with the family he was forced to abandon years ago. And needless to say, his wife is shocked to see him.

David -- David wanted to take town the bad guys, and Jake is giving him a chance to. As a last minute parting gift, he has someone deliver boxes of B613 files to David’s office.

Rowan -- Rowan was reunited with Charlie at the old B613 headquarters, where they reveal a new person locked in “the hole” … Maya.

Harrison -- The cameras showed Tom pointing a gun with a silencer at Harrison, but since no body was shown his fate is up in the air.

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