Quinn (Katie Lowes) and Huck (Guillermo Diaz) juggled B613 problems in episode 18 of "Scandal." ABC

“Scandal” fans know that Jake (Scott Foley) has a dark side, however that has stayed dormant ever since his short run in the sun with Olivia (Kerry Washington). Well B613 Jake returned in episode 18 – and everyone better stay out of his way.

The episode found Olivia helping a congressman prove his father’s innocence before he was executed for a murder that occurred 15 years ago. But while Olivia was occupied reopening the case, Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and Quinn (Katie Lowes) were busy helping David (Joshua Malina) take down the top-secret organization B613.

David wanted to help Jake by getting him to sign for immunity. However Jake didn’t see it that way. By signing the paperwork, Jake felt like he was asking for a hit on his life.

“We are taking down Command and you were once Command too,” David argued. But Jake didn’t take well to his threat.

“You need protection from me,” he warned him. “Drop this case or I’ll drop it for you.”

David needed Jake on board in order to go through with the case. He hatched a plan with Huck, Quinn and Charlie (George Newbern) to roundup other B613 agents and offer them immunity. When the other agents signed the paperwork, David would put them in a safe house and set up a secret grand jury. Jake would be forced to take the immunity offer, and David would be able to take B613 down for good.

It seemed like a good plan – but Jake had bugged David’s office and wasn’t happy to hear that they were plotting behind his back. So when David brought all the agents to the safe house … Jake “handled” the situation. Charlie returned after a run to the store to find Jake in the safe house and all the former B613 members dead.

Charlie, Huck and Quinn were forced to take care of the bodies while David suggested they find more agents. However Charlie revealed that no one else would be willing to help after word got out about how “safe” the safe house was.

The only other option? Kill Jake, of course! Quinn initially refused to play along, but Huck argued that Jake’s not Jake anymore – He’s in “survival mode.”

Tracking Jake by his cell phone, Huck and Quinn were horrified to find that Jake was holed up at Olivia’s apartment. They raced there to protect their employer, but Olivia wasn’t with Jake – she was with a sexy stranger named Franklin Russell (Brian White). However as soon as Olivia closed her door, Jake opened up the door of her neighbor’s apartment. He warned them that Olivia would be safe … as long as nobody hurt him.

David wanted to tell Olivia and get her on board with their plan to kill Jake, but Huck, Quinn and Charlie knew that there plan was over. Charlie decided to skip town and his goodbye was telling them all to “stay alive.” But David thought up a Plan B – he’d act as a witness against Jake after watching him murder James Novak (Dan Bucatinsky) and two other people.

Huck knew that David’s plan was dangerous, and showed up while Olivia was leaving a courthouse. “I’m here to protect you from Jake,” he explained. However Jake had played them all.

It turns out that David’s secretary, Holly (Stefanie Black), was really a B613 agent. She was spying on David’s progress with the case and reporting to Command. It was Holly who had killed all the former B613 members in the safe house, and she was getting ready to take out David when Jake showed up. Jake killed Holly and explained to David that he was never “out” of the plan to take down B613.

“But this means war,” Jake warned. “We’re the good guys but you won’t always be able to tell. He’s coming.”

Who is the mysterious “he”? None other than Papa Pope, Rowan (Joe Morton). When Olivia went to open the door for her new boy toy, she found her dear old dad waiting for her.

The Jake B613 twist wasn’t the only drama in episode 18 of “Scandal.” Fitz had to deal with Mellie (Bellamy Young) and her “trashy trailer park” half sister, Harmony (Lauren Bowles). Harmony reentered the picture because of Mellie’s plan to run for Senator of Virgina, and later President of the United States. Elizabeth (Portia de Rossi) argued that Mellie had to make peace with her sister … because Harmony had a lot of secrets about Mellie that could unravel her campaign.

Mellie couldn’t repair her relationship with her estranged sister though, and only made the situation worse by having a meltdown and calling her names. Things looked bad for Mellie’s campaign, but Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) swooped in to save the day. Acting as the “first lady,” Fitz smoothed things over with Harmony before she left.