Are you Team Jake (Scott Foley) or Team Fitz (Tony Goldwyn)? “Scandal” fans may be divided, but Olivia (Kerry Washington) finally made up her mind in the Season 4 finale. After going back and forth between the two men, she ended the episode in the arms of the man that she’s truly in love with.

[Warning: Season 4 “Scandal” finale spoilers ahead!]

After finally taking down B613 and Rowan (Joe Morton), Jake dropped Olivia off at her apartment and told her that his “mission” was done. He had orders to protect her, and now that B613 and Rowan were no longer a threat, he was not responsible for her. Olivia was shocked, but Jake added that he was in love with her … and that she was in love with someone else.

Olivia didn’t deny it, and Jake told her to take what she’s owed. He left, and Olivia had flashbacks to sitting in the sun. Did she want to be with Jake? Or with Fitz?

Meanwhile, Fitz had his own decision to make. He kicked Mellie (Bellamy Young) out of the White House after finding out that she was responsible for teaming up with Rowan and killing the B613 grand jurors. He fired Cyrus (Jeff Perry) next, and left the White House to do one more thing – see Olivia. She wasn’t at her apartment though.

Seemingly depressed, Fitz returned to the White House. But he wasn’t alone. Olivia was on the balcony waiting for him and the Season 4 finale of “Scandal” concluded with the pair embraced in a passionate kiss.

It was a surprise ending – especially since Olivia was ready to expose Fitz’ biggest secret in order to take down her father. If information on Operation Remington was released, Fitz would have lost everything. But it didn’t come down to that, and instead Olivia decided to follow where her heart has been all along.

Those final moments didn’t just shock fans, it also surprised cast member Tony Goldwyn. While on “Good Morning America” on Thursday, Goldwyn admitted that at the table read for the finale he thought Olivia was either going to end up with Jake or alone. He revealed that it wasn’t until “literally the last page” that he was able to say “yessss.”

Meanwhile, Scott Foley told Scandal fans on Wednesday at an AOL Build Series that there was no choice between Jake and Fitz.

“Fitz is a married man, he’s a politician,” Foley joked of Olivia and Fitz’s relationship. “Who wants to be married to a politician? He’s been cheating on his wife with her.”

Foley argued that his character is single, in love with her and ready to “take her to an island and spend some time in the sun.”

“Is there really a choice?” he asked the audience. Do you agree with who Olivia chose to be with in the Season 4 finale of “Scandal”? Take the poll below and tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.