Evidence has been uncovered that hints to the possibility that a comet hit earth more than 13000 years ago, just as the planet was emerging from an ice age, reported today in the journal science.

The discovery was made by scientists from the universities of Oregon, California, Northern Arizona University, Oklahoma University and DePaul University.

According to scientists, diamonds found in the earth suggest that a comet did hit earth, vanishing out many mammal species such as horses, camels, lions, mammoths, mastodons, saber-toothed cats, ground sloths and giant armadillos across America and in Europe.

The study suggests that the comet exploding, caused the development of certain currents in the Atlantic Ocean, and wiped out mammal mammoth life.

The comet impact also wiped out a race of people known as Clovis people, a thriving culture of Paleo-Americans.

Scientists have long believed that climate change was to blame for the above extinctions for 1,500 years, but now evidence definitely points to this new theory known as the Younger Dryas.