Christmas is on the horizon and everyone’s getting excited. The shops are full of garish decorations and packed with gifts nobody would consider buying once the baubles are back in their box and the Slade songs have been deleted from playlists for another year.

The big red man is about to bring joy to the masses through gifts, cheer, and some well-placed ho ho hos. But the problem with gifts is that for every well thought out and cherished one received there are quite a few that will quickly make their way into the closet, garage, or even the scrap heap within just a few days. The ones we do appreciate beyond the pleasant, “Oh, that’s nice” we reserve for all gifts, are generally the ones that pique a passion within us. But how do we know what these presents are?

Well, hear us out on this one, have you ever thought about buying a scooter or moped for a loved one? Or how about for yourself? I know this may not be the first thing that comes to mind when shopping for Christmas presents but nothing else will get you out and about in the fresh new year air better than sitting on the back of a brand-new scooter.

If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a motorbike but the have balked at the speeds they are capable of, then a scooter could be a great stepping stone you (or someone else) needs to get you moving after the sherry and turkey have settled.

But why get a moped or scooter as a Christmas gift?

Whether you are thinking of buying a scooter or moped for yourself or for someone else this Christmas, here are a few compelling reasons to get one:

  • Anyone over the age of 16 can learn to ride a scooter allowing you on the road a year earlier than learning to drive a car. A provisional licence and completion of a compulsory basic training (CBT) course are all you need to get started. Just remember to have those L plates on display.
  • Scooters and mopeds are generally not as powerful as motorbikes, making them a great first step into becoming a road user. Scooters with a 50cc engine can usually reach speeds of 30mph with some getting as high as 40mph. Higher engines are also available but remember that 125cc is the limit on a provisional licence.
  • Scooters are easy to handle due to their lightweight nature and smaller wheelbase than motorbikes, making them more suited to novices. Anyone can learn to ride a scooter, whether they are a teen or adult and we’ve found that most people pick up scooter riding incredibly quickly.
  • Scooters are incredibly fuel efficient and cheap to run. 50cc scooters average about 100 miles per gallon. This is in comparison to a standard car which will give about 50 mpg at best. The fuel efficiency also makes them a far greener travel alternative to other motor vehicles. More on this later
  • You can also take advantage of bus lanes and skip queues in most cities, making them ideal for that work commute.
  • The size of a scooter also makes parking them far easier as they will fit into small places other vehicles cannot. On top of this, parking in most places is free. Council-owned spaces can generally be used to park for free if you own scooter. Private car parks often have free parking areas for scooters and motorcycles.
  • Scooters are cheap to buy and are certainly a more cost-effective option than a car.
  • They are also cheap to tax and MOT.
  • Scooters are a lot cheaper to insure than other vehicles. Of course, the type of insurance you want will dictate the price, but on the whole, scooter insurance is inexpensive.
  • We mentioned earlier that scooters are an eco-friendlier method of travel than other types of vehicle. To put that in context, scooters produce approximately 72% less CO2 than your average car. If you want to be even greener, then all-electric models can also be bought that produce no CO2.

If our guide has swayed you towards buying a scooter as a Christmas gift (whether that be for you or someone else) then it’s important to get the best type of scooter for you.

But which one to buy? Well that depends on what you are looking for and how you want the scooter to look. Scooters come in sporty, classic and retro designs. Sporty scooters have sleek lines and a lightweight body. Classic scooters are exactly what you expect: functional and stylish. Retro scooters take you back to the Mod heyday and bring back the 70’s in style.

Regardless of the type of scooter design you choose, the next decision you will need to make is what colour you want. All models generally come with a choice of paintwork colour. Choose the one for you and away you go.

The final word…

If you want a Christmas present that is not only memorable but will get you out of the house in the new year, then a scooter or a moped can’t be beat. Buy one for yourself or a loved one and see for yourself.