The Supreme Court rejected a request to block a federal mask mandate for air travel despite a Florida father and his son being medically incapable of wearing masks.

Michael Seklecki’s 4-year-old son has autism and several other medical conditions requiring special treatment at Boston Children’s hospital. Seklecki says he is also unable to wear a mask because he has panic attacks and difficulty breathing.

“We haven’t been able to find sufficient care for him here in Florida. Therefore we recently had to start flying regularly to Boston for his medical appointments.” Seklecki wrote.

“Being denied the right to fly because we can’t wear masks jeopardizes my son’s life as it’s not practical for us to make the lengthy drive to and from Boston every time he has a medical appointment. Should TSA be allowed to continue to mandate masks, my son could miss critical medical care, which could be fatal. My family and I would suffer enormous irreparable harm,” Sekleki added.

Their request was filed to Justice Neil Gorsuch who referred the matter to the full court who denied the request without comment.

The executive order President Biden signed mandating masks for passengers on airplanes and other forms of transportation remains active until March 18, 2022. The decision comes after the high court ruled 6-3 striking down Biden’s vaccine or test mandate for businesses with 100 or more employees.