"Scream Queens" Season 2 Theories
Lea Michele, who plays Hester on "Scream Queens," teased who she hopes joins the cast if the Fox series is renewed for a second season. Fox

“Scream Queens” has yet to be picked up by Fox for a sophomore season. But that hasn’t stopped fans of the blood-soaked series from speculating what A-list celebrities could be joining the star-studded cast – that is, if the drama is renewed.

According to reports, viewers aren’t the only ones questioning who may appear in the potential new installment. During an interview with InStyle magazine, Lea Michele, who stars as Hester/Neck Brace/Chanel No. 6/the Red Devil killer in the freshman installment, discussed a “Scream Queens” casting rumor she hopes is true.

“I also heard a rumor that he may, I don’t know if this is true, but [co-creator Ryan Murphy] said at a press thing recently that he is talking to a male pop star to come for next year,” she dished, noting that she’s crossing her fingers that “male pop star” happens to be a shaggy-haired Brit who goes by the name of Harry Styles.

“If it’s Harry Styles, everybody better calm down,” she said. “I love One Direction. Everybody knows this.”

Murphy has been no stranger to casting pop sensations on his TV series – especially “Scream Queens.” In Season 1, both Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas left audiences in stitches with their hilarious one-liners.

"Nick was so funny on the show this year," Michele told Entertainment Tonight. "Obviously, Ariana is hilarious. Ariana is such a great actress. Nick was just so funny with that Joaquin Phoenix beard. He's walking around saying everyone thought he was Joaquin Phoenix. So funny."

But considering the two chart-toppers met their end on the series, Murphy will have to look for fresh blood to replace the deceased characters. And according to the co-creator — he’s found some! During Fan Fright Fest in October, Murphy revealed that viewers can expect 10 new characters to appear in the upcoming installment.

"I've already started to meet those cast members," he confirmed.

So, who might those new musical, cast members be? Well, some have theorized that Adam Levine, an “American Horror Story: Asylum” alum, could be one of them. Not only is Levine a veteran of the spooky franchise, as well as easy on the eyes, but he also knows how to play the guitar — a vital skill for a camp counselor.

On Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live,” Oliver Hudson, who portrayed Wes on the series, hinted that Season 2 of “Scream Queens” may take place at a summer camp. And we have to admit, we could totally picture Levine rocking "Kumbaya" around a campfire.

During an interview with Hollywood Life, Keke Palmer revealed that she “loved” the idea of “Scream Queens” making its way to the woods for a summer camp-themed installment.

“I love that because it reminds me of Jason [from 'Friday the 13th'], it reminds me of horror movies that I grew up watching and loving," she said. "I just love how Ryan taps into that stuff -- that nostalgic stuff -- and then flips it on its head. So, I’m excited to see what he’ll do with it. It’ll be fun for me in general because it’s like living a horror movie but in a funny way.”

What male pop star do you think will be starring in Season 2 of “Scream Queens” if the Fox series is picked up? Sound off in the comments section below with your predictions.