Abigail Breslin
“Scream Queens” stars Lea Michele and Jamie Lee Curtis commended Abigail Breslin’s performance as Ivana Trump in Season 2, episode 4 of the FOX comedy-horror series. Tommy Garcia / FOX

“Scream Queens” stars Lea Michele and Jamie Lee Curtis praised Abigail Breslin’s performance as Ivana Trump in the Halloween episode of the FOX comedy-horror series.

“We need to do some snapping for Abigail Breslin, because she was so effing funny as Ivana Trump,” Curtis said during the Ryan Murphy panel at EW PopFest on Sunday, Oct. 30. “She has patented hysteria and mental illness and good writing in a way that I think has so become signature Abigail Breslin that she may never be able to do anything else again”

Curtis, who plays Dean Cathy Munsch on the show, added that Breslin’s hysteria as Chanel #5 is “manic to the point of craziness,” and she’s “doing that hysteria in an Ivana Trump mask, who says, ‘Why do you name someone the same name but add a random vowel?’ Brilliant.”

“We couldn’t even look at her,” Michele, who was also part of the Ryan Murphy panel, added of Breslin as Ivana. Michele also gushed over Breslin’s performance in a scene they did together with the Green Meanie.

“Chanel #5!!!! I absolutely loved filming that scene with @yoabbaabba she is incredible ❤ ,” Michele, who portrays Hester on the show, tweeted, alongside a photo of Breslin with the Green Meanie behind her.

At the end of Halloween episode, the Green Meanie stabbed Chanel #5 in the back, but based on set photos that surfaced last September, fans have not seen the last of Abigail’s character yet.

On Sept. 14, the 20-year-old actress was photographed in a full body brace on the Los Angeles set of the show. In photos obtained by the Daily Mail, Breslin was seen wearing a neck brace with her arms fastened up on stiff metal supports. Her arm rests were attached in a wide leather belt, which was wrapped around her waist. Click here and here to see the photos.

The synopsis for next week’s episode also confirmed that Chanel #5 survived the Green Meanie’s attack. According to the synopsis, Chanel #5 and Zayday (Keke Palamer) pay a visit to someone with ties to the hospital’s past in Season 2, episode 5.

Next episode of “Scream Queens,” entitled “Chanel Pour Homme-icide,” airs on Tuesday, Nov. 1, at 9 p.m. on FOX.