You should never throw a party while a psychotic killer is on the loose in your town. But unfortunately for the gang on “Scream,” they have no idea that someone is picking up where Piper left off.

The new Brandon James killer has so far taken the lives of two people in Season 2 of the MTV series. But the only person who knows about the deaths is Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) — and she can’t say a word about it. Monday night’s episode concluded with the killer getting the teen, who was originally Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blaire) accomplice, to put her fingerprints all over a bloody corkscrew, the same weapon used to kill the Crescent Palms motel clerk. Audrey has to keep her mouth shut and not go to the police, or risk getting framed for the new murders as well. That will prove to be difficult in episode 4, titled “Happy Birthday to Me.”

Every episode of “Scream” Season 2 is named after a classic horror movie. The coming fourth episode, “Happy Birthday To Me,” is named after a 1981 slasher film starring Melissa Sue Anderson and Glenn Ford. In the movie, a group of popular high school students get brutally murdered one by one. At first it’s believed that the killer is a young girl named Ginny, whose mother died in a tragic accident on her birthday years ago. However, a twist reveals that Ginny has a deranged and jealous half-sister.

The synopsis for the new installment of “Scream” teases that the group will be celebrating Kieran’s (Amadeus Serafini) birthday with a surprise party thrown by Emma (Willa Fitzgerald). While the group is in good spirits, Brooke (Carlson Young) is still worried about her ex-boyfriend, Jake (Tom Maden). Although he blew her off via text in episode 3, she can’t ignore the feeling that something is wrong.

To continue throwing everyone off about Jake’s murder, the killer sends the teens a bottle of tequila from Jake, along with a note about it being a “pricey birthday bottle from south of the border.” Unaware that Jake is really dead, the group tosses back a few shots and begin to “explore their subconscious minds.” But with a murderer on the loose, it’s not a good time to be under the influence.

“Scream” Season 2, episode 4 airs on MTV on Monday, June 20 at 11 p.m. EDT. Watch the trailer for “Happy Birthday to Me” below: