Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) gets some bad news in “Scream” Season 2, episode 2. MTV

MTV’s “Scream” TV series shocked viewers in the Season 2 premiere by killing off Jake, one of the “Lakewood Six.” The remaining group members were spared in episode 2, titled “Psycho,” but that doesn’t mean the episode wasn’t dark.

Episode 2 picks up with Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) fleeing Troy James’ old pig barn. She had not only discovered a wall covered in photos of her, but had seen a hooded figure as well. She confides everything to her mother, Maggie (Tracy Middendorf), who reveals that Emma actually has a history with the James’ pig farm. It turns out that Maggie used to bring Emma there when she was a child. Although the James family had become outcasts after Brandon’s murder spree, Maggie wasn’t able to completely abandon them.

Maggie brings Emma back to the barn the same night and the two enter the old home together. Although Emma said the house looked like someone had been living there, everything — including the photos of Emma — were gone.

Did Emma hallucinate the whole thing? That’s certainly a concern for the teen and she turns to Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) for his advice. She worries that she left the treatment center too soon, but Kieran reassures her that she's back on the right path toward living a normal life. But will outside forces allow Emma to be a normal teen again? It seems something spooky is always lurking around the corner with her.

Meanwhile, Noah (John Karna) is closer to gaining information on Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blaire) alleged accomplice. The cops think she acted alone, but Noah’s not certain — and that irritates Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus). She’s afraid that her best friend is going to find out about her dirty little secret. And she has good reason to be afraid. Her mysterious stalker sends her another threatening text warning her that her friends will turn on her once they learn the truth.

Audrey is so worked up about this stalker that she attacks Haley (Mary Katherine Duhon), the teen from the movie theater who tried to play the prank on her. After watching Haley on her phone, Audrey is certain she’s the one sending her the texts. However, when Audrey grabs her phone she realizes she was wrong about Haley.

Later in the day, Emma is at her locker when she runs into someone she doesn’t recognize. When he says her name she begins to get freaked out. Emma realizes she needs help and asks her psychology teacher, Ms. Lang (Austin Highsmith), to meet her after school.

Emma’s not the only one struggling in episode 2. Brooke (Carlson Maddox) begins to worry about Jake when she discovers that no one has heard from him in two days. She texts him, promising to send him a topless photo if he replies, but that still doesn’t get a response. Brooke becomes so concerned that she actually heads to the police station to file a missing persons report.

But could her dad actually have something to do with Jake’s disappearance? It’s revealed that Mayor Maddox (Bryan Batt) has a series of texts from Jake that seemingly place him at the location where he got caught in the trap. The mayor tries calling his phone, but gets no response.

Brooke is waiting at the police station when she finds new kid Gus (Santiago Segura) staring at her. He’s acting creepy, and reveals he’s been listening in on her conversations with Emma in class. Despite his weird attitude, Brooke still gives him attention when he reveals that he ranked the “Lakewood Six.” He tells Brooke she’s ranked number four, something that doesn’t impress the teen. Brooke blows him off as she goes to complete the missing persons report, but stops when she receives a text from Jake’s phone asking for photos.

After telling her dad about her secret relationship with Jake, she goes to his house to see him. The house is dark, and Brooke is left sitting on the front steps ... as Gus watches.

Elsewhere, Gus’ dad, the Sheriff (Anthony Ruivivar), shows up at Kieran’s house. He tells Kieran that he’s received complaints about partying and discovered the 17-year-old was living by himself at his father’s place. He tells Kieran’s guardian, his aunt Tina (Karina Logue), that Kieran can no longer stay on his own in Lakewood.

Emma’s devastated when she hears that Kieran has to leave town. She needs him in order to continue overcoming her fears, something her teacher helps her realize when she has another hallucination at the local coffee shop. But is Ms. Lang really there to help her? She appears to be secretly recording her conversation with Emma.

Episode 2 ends with a lot of drama. Emma discovers her dad is back in town and wants to start up a relationship with her. She tells her mom, but her mind is only on Kieran. She picks him up and takes him to the dock where Piper almost killed her. She wants to face her fears, and Kieran wants to support her. The experience makes the two reconnect after growing apart.

Fortunately, Kieran might not have to leave and end their relationship. After finding her daughter so upset over potentially losing Kieran, Maggie makes a plea to Aunt Tina to let Kieran stay at her home until he turns 18. Aunt Tina turns Maggie down, but her son Eli has an idea. He tells his mom that they live in a small one-bedroom apartment in Atlanta with her “loser boyfriend.” They would be moving up if they moved into Kieran’s dad’s old home in Lakewood. Oh, and did we mention that Eli is the creepy guy Emma ran into at school?

The episode ends with Noah meeting with Eddie (Chase McCleery Bouchie), the motel worker who claims to have seen Piper with an accomplice. Noah is close to getting the information he’s been looking for when Eddie receives a call on the motel line. It’s the killer’s voice, and the killer threatens to murder him if he says anything more. What Eddie and Noah don’t realize is that it’s actually Audrey, using an app to change her voice.

Audrey thinks she dodged a bullet, but Eddie actually gave Noah something to work with before she placed the call. The motel has a storage locker containing items left behind by former tenants. Audrey sneaks out at night to break into the storage unit before Noah can. And that’s exactly what her stalker wanted to happen. When she opens the storage locker she finds a bunch of air fresheners and Jake’s rotting body.

Tacked on Jake’s chest is: “See how I finished the job for you, Audrey?”