EMMA Scream
The killer on "Scream" wants to play a game with Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) in episode 3. MTV

The mystery of Brandon James continues Tuesday night on MTV with episode 3 of “Scream.” The new TV series based off of the 1996 slasher film has delivered some gruesome murders, as well as a chilling old story of a killer. And fans are dying for more answers …

Episode 3 is titled “Wanna Play a Game,” and will find Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) getting challenged by the murderer. As viewers saw in previous weeks, the masked mad man seems to have a thing for her … and it’s all connected to her mother.

“I know that everyone you trust is lying to you, playing you,” the killer said to Emma on the phone in episode 2. “Your two-faced friends, your fraud of a family, your w---- of a mother. It started with her, Emma … but it’ll end with you. See you soon.”

Emma’s new stalker has her questioning everyone close to her – including her mother. The synopsis teases that the teen will discover that her mom, Maggie (Tracy Middendorf), has been “keeping additional secrets.” What could those secrets be? They are no doubt connected to Brandon James.

Last week it was revealed that Emma’s dad was the sole survivor of the Brandon James murderers, and Emma’s looking for some answers in episode 3. The sneak peek video shows the teen cozying up to new student Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) for a group project. However, when Kieran reveals that his dad has the old Brandon James case files at the house, Emma quickly becomes interested in getting her hands on some new information.

“Brandon James almost killed my dad,” she tells Kieran. “Somehow my mom was involved. I need answers.”

Right now all we know about Brandon James is that he had proteus syndrome, a condition that left him with overgrown bones, skin and tissues. He tried multiple surgeries to fix his face, but ended up wearing a mask and getting homeschooled because of his deformity. At some point Brandon developed a crush on a local teen named Daisy (aka Maggie). Brandon became so obsessed with her that he would make her little carvings. One night – during the Halloween dance – Brandon decided to approach Daisy. Things went well until he took off his mask.

According to town legend, Daisy screamed when Brandon took off his mask. A group of jocks who were at the dance jumped Brandon, believing that he tried to hurt her. Something in Brandon went off, and he killed a bunch of the students.

A man hunt was ultimately set up to catch Brandon. When police failed to find him they used Daisy as a trap. She met Brandon down by the dock and begged him to go to the police. Brandon simply said, “I just wanted to be with you.”

Brandon went to hand Daisy a heart necklace he carved her, and the police shot him in the back. They said he was killed … but never recovered his body.

Episode 3 of “Scream” will air on MTV on Tuesday, July 14 at 10 p.m. EDT.