Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) discovers another secret about somebody close to her in episode 9 of "Scream." MTV

The police may think that they caught their killer, but episode 9 of "Scream" reveals that nothing can stop the Lakewood murderer. Brandon James’ son is picking up where his father left off.

Episode 9 starts off with a "Halloween"-like first-person shot of the killer breaking into police headquarters a year before the current killings started happening. The killer somehow knows the combination to the evidence room at the police station and goes in to steal the Brandon James mask from 1994.

Meanwhile in present day, withMayor Maddox (Bryan Batt) in jail, Brooke (Carlson Young) is staying at Jake’s (Tom Maden) house. As she tries to settle into the “Tommy Bahama” room, Jake asks her why she went back to Mr. Branson (Bobby Campo), who is now in jail after police believe he’s responsible for the murders. She tells him she felt she had no one else and Jake says she had him.

Halloween is still happening in Lakewood, despite the murders. Sheriff Hudson (Jason Wiles) says they feel very confident they have their man in custody. Hudson allows the Halloween dance to go on because he believes it’s safer for all the students to be in one place than at separate house parties.

Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) decides she has to see Mr. Branson because if he is the killer he’d likely have a reaction if he sees her. When Emma goes into the interrogation room and sits across from him, he looks at her blankly and says, “Hello, Emma.”

Emma (Willa Fitzgerald, left) and Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire, right) visit Brandon James' mother Cassie in episode 9 of "Scream." MTV

Emma asks him hard questions and Branson says he has no idea what she’s talking about and believes the police are trying to use her to get him to confess. Emma asks him about her mother and if she’s the reason he came to Lakewood. Branson says she’s nice and that Emma looks like her. Then she looks at him and says that he said it ends with her, so is it over? He coldly responds, “Considering I’m stuck in here, I guess you’ll find out soon enough.”

Back at Jake’s, Brooke is getting ready to shower when she catches the webcam on her computer turned on, showing that maybe Branson isn’t the murderer after all. Emma also tells Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) and Noah (John Karna) that her mom had a kid with Brandon James, meaning the killer might be her half sibling. Noah, who 100 percent believes Branson is the killer, picks up on Branson’s fake name, saying it’s fitting: “Bran’s son.” However, Emma wants to be sure and Audrey and Noah agree to help her find out.

At the coffee shop, Emma runs into Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire), who tells her a lead she had didn’t pan out. Piper was able to track down Brandon James’ mother, Cassie, in an attempt to tie the past and present together, but supposedly she mostly just rambled and was incoherent. Emma decides she wants to go speak with her.

When they arrive, Emma asks her questions and tells her that Brandon was friends with her mom, Maggie (Tracy Middendorf). Cassie recognizes her and begins referring to Emma as Daisy, saying Brandon would’ve done anything for her. Emma gets uncomfortable and starts to leave when Cassie starts singing the Daisy song and says Brandon loved that song -- and so did his boy.

Cassie says Brandon’s boy stopped by the other day to ask about his dad and that he was handsome. When Emma asks if his name was Seth, Cassie says yes, which makes Emma sure it’s Branson.

Emma (Ella Fitzgerald) and Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) dance in "Pulp Fiction" Halloween costumes in "Scream" episode 9. MTV

After being shaken up by Will’s death, Emma is ready to pick up things with Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) and things seem almost back to normal. However, it doesn’t last long.

Audrey tells Noah that Rachel (Sosie Bacon) always took pictures and videos of things, but her computer was wiped clean after she was killed. Audrey knows that everything was backed up into the cloud, so she tells Noah she’s going to go through it. As they watch the videos, they stumble across one with Kieran and Nina (Bella Thorne) leaving a bar together.

Brooke tells Jake someone was spying on her and she knows it wasn’t Branson and feels he couldn’t have done all the things he’s being accused of. Jake says she’s always defending him and she shouldn’t be putting so much faith in people, which makes Brooke leave.

Sheriff Hudson goes to knock on doors near the lake to try to get a witness to tie the calls to Branson because calls were coming to Emma’s phone from near the lake. When he gets near the lake, he stops at a house where the door opens when he knocks.

When he goes inside, he finds a laptop that has camera views of the school and the police station up on it. Hudson then pulls out his gun after hearing a noise and calls out to see who’s there. The masked murderer emerges in the background holding a fire poker. Hudson turns around, sees the killer, and the killer whacks Hudson across the head hard with the poker.

At the dance, Jake is looking for Brooke, Maggie is looking for Sheriff Hudson, and Audrey is looking to tell Emma about what she and Noah found. Emma and Kieran come dressed as Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega from “Pulp Fiction” and the two even re-create the famous dance scene to Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell.” Kieran then steps out to try to call his dad for Maggie, and Audrey approaches Emma and shows her the video of Kieran and Nina.

Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) and Noah (John Karna) at the Halloween dance in "Scream" episode 9. MTV

While the obvious question is why are high school kids going to bars, the real question is what were the two doing together? Emma asks Kieran about it and he says he went to the bar after fighting with his dad and met Nina there. Kieran said he talked to her there and drove her home but he didn’t go inside with her. Emma finds it really hard to trust Kieran and he leaves after telling her that if she can’t trust she let Branson win.

Piper shows up at the dance looking for Emma. She tells Emma she went back to Cassie’s because she wanted to be sure about Branson. She showed Cassie a yearbook picture of Branson and said that’s not who came to see her. Piper then showed Cassie pictures from the vigil and Cassie pointed out Kieran.

Just as the two decide they’ve got to find Kieran, the lights go out on the dance and a video of a bloodied Sheriff Hudson tied to a tree is shown on the projector. The last scene of the episode is a cutaway to the jail and a pool of blood is seen in the hallway. We hear a voiceover of a dispatcher announcing over the radio that Seth Branson has escaped, is armed and dangerous, while a dead police officer is shown handcuffed to the cell where Branson was being held.