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Scrimmage announces the launch of their new, unique application that aims to bridge the gap between sports betting and the Web 3 world by incentivizing bettors with a gamified universal rewards system. With access through the Scrimmage app, users are able to get rewarded for winning bets with tokens that can be converted into fiat currency.

Commenting on the launch, Daniel Taren, Co-Founder of Scrimmage, said, "We started our journey in this space by using our financial knowledge and interest in sports. The future of sports betting is through Web3, and Scrimmage unlocks an entirely new potential for online betting. We are not seeking to change betting habits, but we want to provide bettors with a convenient and manageable way to access the benefits of Web3. Our goal is to make sports betting profitable and sustainable for everyone."

Scrimmage - bonus rewards for the bets you already make Scrimmage

Through the Scrimmage app, users can sign up by purchasing a Dragon NFT and by linking their Scrimmage account with legal sports betting operators. The gamified platform automatically syncs data pulled in from sportsbooks, recording the details of the bet and rewarding users with tokens in the process. Scrimmage aims to allow users to benefit from receiving rewards for winning bets with cryptocurrency in the form of SCRIM tokens that can be converted into real currency. Each NFT that a user earns through winning bets has specific attributes. The SCRIM tokens earned can be used to upgrade NFTS, purchase new NFTS, and boost their earnings within the App. The Scrimmage NFT allows users to access a universal rewards program that is not limited to just one sportsbook and can be used for bets on any sportsbook of their choice.

With the market being heavily focused on traditional Web2 sportsbooks. Scrimmage facilitates a smooth transition to sports betting in the world of Web3 with a system that allows users to benefit from Web3 tokens while using traditional Web2 sportsbooks.

"Our small community of Beta testers has given us positive feedback, and we are really excited about this launch. Through its gamification of the reward system for users, Scrimmage easily straddles both the worlds of online betting and Web3. With our mutual partnerships, we have already covered around 98 percent of the betting market. With Scrimmage, we have built an entire tokenomic economy around the SCRIM token, developed NFTs, a highly user-friendly interface. Now we are in a position to provide a risk free way for bettors to get cash back on their bets, " concluded Matthew Dever, Co-Founder of Scrimmage.

About Scrimmage

Scrimmage is a Web3 wallet startup that rewards sports bettors with cryptocurrency. The app gamifies betting and rewards their users through their SCRIM tokens and crypto tokens, which they can exchange for currency. The company has already partnered with several legal online betting operators. The app will be launched within a period of two months on the Google Play Store and the Apple iStore. The app will be available to users in Canada and the United States.

Media contact

Name: Matthew Dever

Email: Founders@scrimmage.co