• In the video, the sea lion can be seen emerging from the ocean
  • She then reaches the hotel pool, before taking a lap in it
  • The hilarious video has received more than 14,000 likes 

Many animals are known to be the pros at mimicking human behavior but, as far as accuracy goes, a sea lion seems to have left them all behind.

A newly surfaced video shared on Instagram showed a sea lion taking a dip in a swimming pool and then spreading out on a lounger to sunbathe. The hilarious video, reportedly filmed at a beachside resort in the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador, went viral on the social media platform, with over 14,000 likes.

In the clip, the animal is seen getting out of the ocean and then slowly climbing the stairs toward the swimming pool. After the sea lion reaches the pool, it swims a single length, then gets out and props itself on a lounging chair that already has a man sitting on it. The previous occupant of the chair then drags his towel from under the sea lion and throws it on the other chair.

The sea lion, named Wendy, reportedly visits the hotel every day with her pup to take a dip in the pool and lounge on the sunbed. Wendy's recent visit has proven she doesn't care if anyone else is lounging on a chair she wants.

The hotel has informed its guests that Wendy was a regular visitor there, and asked them to maintain a six-feet distance from the animal, according to Express Digest. The guests were also asked not to touch or feed Wendy.

"The animals here are so respected and loved – everyone is asked to keep a 6-foot distance from them and absolutely no touching or feeding them. I took this video while sitting on our balcony. My husband and I were in the Galápagos for our honeymoon," the guest who filmed the video, told Express Digest.

It was not clear when this video was taken.

Under the Instagram post, people poured in adorable comments about Wendy. "He should be allowed to chill there, I mean they did build on his home," one user said. "Why’d he have to take the towel lol let that baby live his best life."

"Why’d he have to take the towel lol let that baby live his best life," wrote a third.

Hilarious viral video showed sea lion living its best life Pixabay