• Jason may not lead Bravo Team for long in “SEAL Team” Season 4

  • He has been facing PTSD and mental health problems

  • Mandy and Jason’s relationship will be explored further

There could be more changes in store for the soldiers in “SEAL Team” Season 4. Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) has been heading Bravo Team, but his personal problems have forced him to take a step back at times. According to a new theory, the character’s storyline may evolve into a more personal story as the show continues.

Jason has undergone massive surgery. Although he is back to lead the team, the years of his service may have taken a toll on his body and his mind. According to TV Insider, the question for Jason is how long he can continue to lead the team in the field. He has already been struggling to balance his personal and professional life, but he has continued to lead the team in dangerous missions, like the recent one in Afghanistan.

Another big storyline that can pull Jason away from his job is his relationship with Mandy (Jessica Paré). The relationship between the two characters has been evolving on the show, and the two finally kissed in one of the episodes that have already been filmed, but it will air as part of “SEAL Team” Season 4.

Jason’s mental health appears to be something the show will explore in a big way. In a previous interview with TV Line, Boreanaz teased that Season 4 will explore the mental challenges of the soldiers with the PTSD they are suffering from. This will be especially true for Jason who also has a head injury that affects his mental health.

The other big change in Bravo Team may have to do with Cerberus. The dog has been showing signs that he has had enough of combat duty, something which Brock (Justin Melnick) has noticed and brought to the notice of the others. It remains to be seen if the team will be losing Cerberus soon.

The storylines of the next Season have to be exciting if the TV series wants to grow its audience. According to TV Line, the Season 3 finale saw a 21 and 25 percent drop in viewership on a week-to-week basis.

“SEAL Team” Season 4 is set to air sometime later in 2020. The producers have yet to announce a release date.

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