Sean Bean deaths
How many times did Sean Bean die on screen? Check out his most memorable deaths. TNT/Legends

Sean Bean has been blown up, ripped apart, chased down by cows and even shot in the head by Sophia Bush. But finally the legendary actor known for meeting a grim fate on-screen will get a break from dying during his latest stint on the TNT drama “Legends.”

According to reports, Bean, who plays the lead role of FBI agent Martin Odum on the series, will stay “relatively intact” throughout the first season of “Legends.”

“He was excited to play a role he didn’t have to die in,” the show’s executive producer, Brad Turner, quipped during the 2014 ATX Festival. The EP added that fans can expect Bean to make it to the Season 1 finale of the dark, thrilling drama.

But Despite Turner’s reassurance, TNT cultivated the clever campaign slogan “Don’t Kill Sean Bean,” which has since become a social media phenomenon thanks to Bean-loving fans.

Can you blame them for their skepticism? Bean does have an usually high TV death rate. Just check out the 25 most gruesome times he died on-screen below:

1. “Game of Thrones” (2011): Beheaded – Eddard “Ned” Stark met a surprising demise on the HBO adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s book when the Lord of the North was beheaded. Winter came, saw and conquered.

2. “Age Of Heroes” (2011): Although the movie ends before Major Jack Jones’ fate is revealed, viewers are supposed to assume (due to historical records) that Jones died during World War II while trying to save his fellow commandos. Commendable, Bean.

3. “Black Death” (2010): Quartered – During this medieval movie Bean meets his most gruesome death to date while portraying the character of Ulrich. While simultaneously suffering from the plague, Ulrich is quartered, which is when each limb is tied to a horse who is sent galloping in the opposite direction. It’s a bloody fun scene to watch.

4. “Death Race 2” (2010): Shot – Bean, who plays a mob boss named Markus Kane, dies when he’s shot in the chest. His character then pulls a “Great Gatsby” when he gracefully falls into a swimming pool.

5. “Ca$h” (2010): Shot – Bean played two characters in this film, Pyke, who ends up getting shot by Chris Hemsworth’s character, and Reese, who manages to survive until the end of the film.

6. “Red Riding: The Year of Our Lord, 1973” (2008): Shot – Bean’s character John Dawson gets shot by the end of the movie for killing Andrew Garfield’s character’s girlfriend. Note: Garfield then commits suicide by driving into oncoming traffic.

7. “The Hitcher” (2007): Shot – After killing many innocent families, Bean’s character, John Ryder, finally gets what he deserves when the villain is shot in the head by Grace (played by Sophia Bush).

8. “Outlaw” (2007): Shot a lot – Bean’s character is shot multiple times by the end of the crime film during a shootout with the police.

9. “Far North” (2007): Frozen to death – After filming this movie it’s surprising Bean wanted to take on the role of Lord of the North in “GoT.”

10. “The Island” (2005): Hung – Not only is Bean’s menacing character shot through the neck with a hook but he’s also hung to death by a cable after a tussle with Ewan McGregor’s character, Lincoln Six Echo.

11. “Henry VIII” (2003): Hung – Bean seems to have an odd relationship with kings throughout his acting career. During “Henry VIII” Bean plays the traitorous Robert Aske who is eventually hung by chains due to his treachery.

12. “Equilibrium” (2002): Shot – Bean’s villainous character gets shot in the face by Christian Bale.

13. “Don’t Say a Word” (2001): Buried Alive – While searching for a 10 million-dollar treasure, the gang leading Bean finds himself in an unfavorable position when he gets buried alive.

14. “The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring” (2001): Death by Arrows – In a nutshell Bean’s character Boromir gets shot by a ton of arrows while attempting to save Pippin and Merry. He died a valiant death.

15. “Essex Boys” (2000): Gunned Down – Bean’s criminal character ends up getting blasted away while waiting for a drug score in the true crime drama.

16. “Airborne” (1998): Shot – Bean just can’t seem to dodge a bullet for the life of him. In the ‘90s film he plays a villain who eventually gets what's his.

17. “GoldenEye” (1995): Crushed to Death – In Bean’s character’s attempt to seek vengeance for the death of his parents he somehow finds himself lodged underneath a burning structure.

18. “Scarlett” (1994): Stabbed – Bean plays the villainous role of Lord Fenton who ends up getting stabbed to death by one of his rape victims.

19. “Patriot Games” (1992): Blown Up – Not only does Bean’s character get blown to smithereens but he’s also manages to get impaled on a boat anchor and beaten to a pulp. Talk about a triple threat.

20. “Clarissa” (1991): Stabbed – Originally Bean’s character Robert Lovelace is seen as a dapper young man in the 18th century-based film. He even catches the eye of the damsel Clarissa. But eventually Robert reveals his true colors when he rapes the young beauty. Eventually Robert is stabbed to death by his best friend while the two are dueling over Clarissa’s honor.

21. “Screen One, ‘Tell Me That You Love Me’” (1991): Suicide – Bean takes his own life in this Lifetime-esque movie when he decides he can’t live without the love of his life – despite previously tormenting her with his jealous rage.

22. “Lorna Doone” (1990): Drowned – Bean is corrupt as he is dashing in the adaption of R. D. Blackmore’s 1869 tale. After nearly shooting the movie’s protagonist on her wedding day, Bean’s character Carver Doone meets his demise by drowning in a swamp.

23. “The Field” (1990): Falls From A Cliff While Being Cashed By A Herd Of Cows – This is by far Bean’s more creative death. While tending to his family’s land, the actor gets chased by a stampeding herd of cows that force Tadgh McCabe right over a cliff in Ireland. Sadly, some of the cows die, too.

24. “German Soldier” (1989): Death by Bayonet – Bean plays the role of a German soldier who gets shot in the hand and the stabbed by a bayonet.

25. “Ranuccio” (1986): Slit Throat – The death that started it all! During the biopic, Bean endured his first on screen killing when he had his throat slit.

Which Sean Bean death was your favorite? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into “Legends” when episode 2, “Lords of War,” airs Wednesday, Aug. 27.