Episode 1 of TNT's new drama "Legends" (starring Morris Chestnut, Sean Bean and Ali Larter) is available online now. Marco Grob/TNT

TNT has made the first episode of their newest show, “Legends,” available online now. The drama stars "Game of Thrones" alum Sean Bean as a spy who easily takes on fake identities. “Legends” will premiere on television on August 13.

The show follows Bean’s character, Martin Odum, as he works with the FBI to infiltrate groups who are threats to society. Usually working solo, "Legends" will place Odum into a task force -- introducing a whole new set of problems for the agent. Yet not everyone wants Odum working for the government. Despite his successful track record, some agents think that his golden days are over and that he should retire. Odum isn’t even sure that they’re wrong. As he continues to inhabit fake personalities, he begins to lose track of who he is.

The first episode follows Agent Odum as he infiltrates an anti-government militia as a stuttering man who is angry with the world. His wife left him, his child has special needs and he is buried in debt. The team builds his background electronically (creating what they call a “legend”) while Odum goes into the group as this character. However if he inhabits the character too long, Odum just might forget who he is really fighting for.

Viewers shouldn't assume that Odum's days are numbered because Sean Bean plays him. The network was promoting the new drama with the hashtag #DontKillSeanBean at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Bean just might make it through this show alive. The “Game Of Thones” veteran is also joined by some other cult fan favorites -- Ali Larter from “Heroes” and Tina Majorino from “Veronica Mars.”

Watch Sean Bean (with his head) in the first episode of "Legends" on TNT’s website.

“Legends” will officially premiere on TNT on Wednesday, August 13 at 9 p.m. EDT. Will you tune in for the new show? Sound off in the comments section below.