• Secondary hypertension is not as common as high blood pressure
  • This is actually a kind of high blood pressure caused by another medical condition
  • Being able to spot the symptoms can  mean early intervention and treatment

Secondary hypertension may not be as common as high blood pressure, but it is actually equally dangerous. This condition, when not arrested, could also lead to serious complications, which could put your health and overall well-being in the brink of danger. Knowing what secondary hypertension is, and how you can arrest it would be your best recourse to protect your health.

What is Secondary Hypertension?

Secondary hypertension is, in reality, high blood pressure but was brought about by another medical condition. There are several medical conditions that are known to result in the development of secondary hypertension. It could be an illness that affects the heart, kidneys, or the endocrine system. As per the Express report, this condition could also happen in pregnant women.

high blood pressure secondary hypertension
high blood pressure secondary hypertension McRonny - Pixabay

The similarity between high blood pressure and secondary hypertension is that the latter does not also show specific signs or symptoms. So even if your blood pressure has already reached dangerous levels, it’s possible that the person would not even know it.

Secondary Hypertension Symptoms

You can consider secondary hypertension symptoms as more or less circumstantial. For instance, if high blood pressure does not respond to any form of medication, it is possible that you may be suffering from secondary hypertension.

Another symptom that you need to be aware of is high blood pressure, which has previously responded to a certain type of medication, but just stopped responding to the same kind of medication. Another circumstance that you need to watch out for is the sudden onset of the medical condition before you reach the age of 30 or after you have already reached 55 and that you did not have a family history of high blood pressure and that you are also not considered as obese.

Study Results

As per the Singapore Medical Journal, the condition was investigated in adults. It revealed that secondary hypertension mostly occurs in adults. Early recognition, intervention, and treatment led them to fantastic clinical outcomes. It also abated the possibility of end-organ damage.

The ability to identify secondary hypertension is important so that treatment could be had. If this is not treated, it could also lead to renal complications, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases.