The “Secrets and Lies” Season 1 finale left the fate of Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) hanging in the air when he took the wrap for murdering Tom. Detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis) knew that his daughter Abby (Belle Shouse) was the real killer, but couldn’t prove it. And unfortunately, an episode of the “Secrets and Lies” web series following the finale revealed that Ben would never get to walk free. He died in jail.

Phillippe confirmed on Twitter in May that his story arc on the show had ended – despite ABC not confirming if the series would be returning. The network has since renewed the show for a Season 2, and series creator Barbie Kligman revealed at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, California, Saturday that while Ben Crawford might be gone, he’s certainly not forgotten.

“It wouldn’t bode well for the show if, every season, our star detective did not get the person who committed the murder,” Kligman explained. “There’s tremendous pressure, and she’s a good detective, and she will find justice.”

As previously reported, Lewis will be reprising her Season 1 character, Detective Andrea Cornell. She’ll be the only returning actor to the series and will be investigating a whole new crime.

Season 2 will revolve around the Warners, a wealthy family that owns a private equity firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Warner patriarch, John (Terry O’Quinn), is retiring and handing the company over to his son, Eric (Michael Ealy). But things spiral out of control when Eric’s wife, Kate (Jordana Brewster), is murdered. Detective Cornell is on the case and immediately makes Eric her prime suspect. There are others factors and people at play, however, who may have wanted to hurt Kate or other members of the Warner family.

Although things didn’t turn out as Cornell hoped last season with the Crawford family, Lewis told reporters at the Television Critics Association that her character will be handing what happened with Ben “as much as people who stuff emotional things down" can. But she also will be juggling other baggage – like her ex-husband and daughter.

“Secrets and Lies” fans learned that her daughter was a criminal, but didn’t get details as to what crime she committed. That storyline will continue to play out in Season 2.

“Secrets and Lies” Season 2 will premiere on ABC this year. No premiere date has been released yet.