Selena Gomez took a walk down memory lane while talking about her 2018 Met Gala look on the Vogue’s Beauty Secrets video series. The “Kill Em With Kindness” singer shared a funny story about her ‘Orange’ look mishap.

Over the years Gomez has turned heads for her amazing red carpet looks year after year and 2018 was no different. Though her 2018 Met Gala look drew attention for a completely different reason. The songstress happened to make a rookie mistake while getting ready for the event and applied a little too much self-tanner.

On Tuesday, Gomez appeared on the episode of Vogue’s “Beauty Secrets” and said, "Before I apply the bronzer, I want to tell you a funny story about a little self-tanner."

"For the Met Gala I was getting ready and we wanted to add some color. So [I] put on some of this tanning lotion and it looked really beautiful and very even," the star explained. "As the evening kept going on it was getting a little darker and darker."

That year, the theme for Met Gala was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” and Gomez and her go-to makeup artist, Hung Vanngo tried playing up with her look with a warm, glowy vibe. But according to the 29-year-old singer, things quickly took a turn as the night went on.

Since Gomez was focused on striking a pose, she “didn’t notice” how dark her tan had become. "I'm at the Met Gala — basically one of the most prestige, beautiful events, and I'm walking trying to look all beautiful," she said.

And by the time, she sat down at her table, she had already walked the red carpet. Inside the event, she had a chance to take a peek at the red carpet photos of herself. "I look at a photo of myself when I sit down and I am completely orange," she added, laughingly. "I was like, 'This is going to be terrible because I'm going to get eaten alive about this.'"

But being the sport that she is, rather than dwelling on the beauty blunder, Gomez decided to poke fun at the mishap with a tongue-in-cheek video.

"So I had my security take a video of me because my first reaction was just to get the hell out of there," she said. "And so I'm running to my car. I'm literally just hauling ass to my car and then gonna put it online. I was saying this is my reaction after seeing my Met Gala photos."

She captioned the video as "Me when I saw my pictures from MET."

Selena Gomez Selena Gomez attends the American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Nov. 24, 2019, in Los Angeles. Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic