Edward Harold Bell, a convicted murderer and sex offender, gave a chilling confession of killing 11 teenage girls in Texas.

A Houston Chronicle report depicts him as a self-described serial killer who slaughtered teenage girls in 1970s, calling his victims 11 that went to heaven.

According to the interview, Bell confessed in letters he sent to Harris and Galveston County prosecutors i 1998, but the confession remained untold for 13 years. In those letters Bell claimed to have killed seven girls, but in the latest interview given in September, he changed the number to 11 and said most of the cases were still unsolved.

In the excerpts of the letters, as obtained by the Houston Chronicle, Bell described how he shot two Galveston teenagers as they stood tied up, half-naked in the chilly waters of the Turner Bayou.

Bell maintained his serial killings were an outcome of a brainwashing program that compelled him to act like a flasher and then rape and kill the teenagers, six of whom were murdered in pairs.

Several senior investigators admitted that they were aware of the confession letters that Bell wrote to the prosecutors and they also found evidence that could prove his guilt. As to why the case remained unresolved till date is another mystery.

Former Galveston county District Attorney Kurt Sistrunk told the Chronicle the probes were stalled not by lack of effort but insufficient evidence.

Bell told the paper he would divulge all the secrets of his crimes once he gets immunity from prosecution. This raises questions about the authenticity of his claims among the families of the victims.

A relative of dead teen Dotti Walker questions Bell's confession, saying It makes it hard that we don't know if this Bell guy is a nut or if he's telling the truth, as bad and as mean as he is, he could be telling the truth because of his conscience ... Not knowing is heartbreaking.

Bell currently is serving a 70-year sentence for killing Larry Dickens, a Marine, in 1978.