"Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" offers new insight into American serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer's murders. The new Netflix crime series reveals how Dahmer found touching internal organs sexually arousing.

Dahmer's uncontrollable lust for human flesh started as a childhood fascination when he became socially alienated and developed a strange interest in animal carcasses. Dahmer, also known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, is one of the most disturbing serial killers in American history, having raped and murdered 17 young men between 1978 and 1991 and even consumed some of them.

The Netflix series unfolds how Dahmer, a homosexual, lured his male victims into his home, where he killed them, performed sex with their corpses, and used different ways to dispose of their bodies, immersing their flesh in acid until they melted, putting their bones in the oven until they dried and were ready to be easily crushed into powder form.

The series reveals that Dahmer had a "profoundly unhappy childhood" and was mostly neglected by his parents. When he started to show interest in animal carcasses, however, his father encouraged it because he was a scientist himself and thought it must be a sign that his son was gifted with a scientific mind.

In the Netflix series, Dahmer is depicted as a weird child, exploring their village to look for roadkill with his father, dissecting their bodies and immersing them in acid. While he had fairly low grades in school, he was extremely fascinated with science and enjoyed laboratory classes where they would dissect animals and study human anatomy.

The series shows how Dahmer demonstrated his expertise in dismemberment and dissection in his murders later in his life. Abandoned by his own parents when he was a teenager, he developed a fear of being left alone. He was around 17 when it dawned on him that he was a homosexual and accidentally committed his first crime.

During his interrogation following his arrest, Dahmer said he strived to be a "good boy" following his first kill, but his irrepressible lust for human flesh had always stayed with him. He also confessed he found it sexually arousing to touch internal organs.

Created by Ryan Murphy, "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" consists of 10 episodes and is now streaming on Netflix.

Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer's 1982 mugshot. The serial killer was beaten to death in prison in 1994. Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department