At least 10 people were hospitalized after following a TikTok video which suggested “home remedies” to save oneself from coronavirus. The incident took place in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday.

According to local reports, two families consumed a juice made of Datura Stramonium seeds believing that they would not contract the deadly virus after drinking it. However, after consuming it, the families, consisting of 10 people, fell ill. The villagers rushed the victims to a local hospital after finding in a semi-conscious state. They were discharged from hospital following treatment.

Confirming the incident, a police officer said, “The two families, comprising 10 people, had watched videos on TikTok which said drinking the juice would keep coronavirus away.”

Meanwhile, making an appeal to the citizens to not follow such unscientific remedies, Dr. M Penchalaiah said, “As of now, there is no vaccine for COVID-19. Trials are still underway. Stay home, stay safe, and follow the preventive measures issued by the health department.

In a similar incident in Iran last month, at least 300 people were killed and over a thousand more fell sick after consuming methanol. The people consumed the industrial alcohol after falling prey to fake messages circulating on social media platform stating that it would cure coronavirus. The messages stated that a coronavirus positive teacher in Britain cured himself by drinking whiskey and honey. Believing that consuming alcohol would cure the disease, people purchased alcohol from bootleggers and consumed it.

Meanwhile, at least 43 new coronavirus cases were reported in the state of Andhra Pradesh as of Thursday morning taking the total reported cases in the state to 384. Over 5, 700 cases were reported in India and the death toll stood at 473. In an attempt to reduce the spread of coronavirus, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a complete lockdown in the country for 21 days.

coronavirus British mp Representational image of a woman wearing a mask to safeguard herself from the coronavirus. Photo: Tumisu - Pixabay