shameless season 5 ian mickey break up
"Shameless" showrunner John Wells (not pictured) reveals what he has in store for Mickey (Noel Fisher, left) and Ian (Cameron Monaghan) in Season 6. Showtime

The Season 5 finale of “Shameless” was packed with eye-widening moments from Debbie’s (Emma Kenney) pregnancy test results to Bianca’s (Bojana Bovakovic) fatal late-night swim. However, one of the most shocking scenes from Sunday night’s episode, “Love Songs (In the Key of Gallagher),” that left fans of the Showtime series gutted involved everyone’s favorite couple: Ian (Cameron Monaghan) and Mickey (Noel Fisher).

After Ian had gotten into an argument with his mother’s drug-dealer boyfriend, he called Mickey, who was anxiously awaiting word from his beau following his abrupt take-off with his birth mom. Mickey then raced to be by Ian’s side. But once he arrived at the Gallagher household, he realized that his reunion with Ian was going to be anything but joyous.

Ian revealed that he wasn’t interested in taking medication to control his depression, an admission that Mickey took surprisingly well (he previously wanted Ian to receive medical attention). “I love you,” Mickey responded. “It means we take care of each other. It means thick and thin.” Ian, however, had a very different idea of how he wanted to approach the future -- and it was without Mickey.

“Too much is wrong with me. You can’t fix me because I’m not broken. I don’t need to be fixed. I’m me,” Ian explained as he broke up with his devoted boyfriend in the heartbreaking scene.

Does this means Ian and Mickey’s relationship is officially over? John Wells, the mastermind behind “Shameless,” revealed to the Hollywood Reporter what's next for the beloved twosome in Season 6. According to Wells, he’s all for the continuation of Ian and Mickey’s romance, but the fate of the relationship ultimately lies in Fisher’s hands.

“He was going to do a movie and wasn't prepared to sign on for another year, so I have to check back in with him in a few months and see,” the showrunner said, revealing why Ian and Mickey’s storyline came to a startling conclusion in the season finale. “He has a very thriving film career, and we really just hired him for a few episodes when we started, but we keep expanding it, and he always comes back when he's available.”

Wells then reassured fans that although a future romance for Ian and Mickey isn’t set in stone, he’s very hopeful that the two will reunite somewhere down the line in a future installment of “Shameless.” “It [also] may be an interesting time for Ian to discover how important Mickey was in his life,” the showrunner said of Fisher’s potential absence in Season 6. “It's that thing that often happens when you're younger: You have a relationship that's really difficult and passionate and messy, and then you go away from it and you discover the rest of the world, and sometimes you come back to that first person anyway.”

We can hear the sigh of relief from Ian/Mickey shippers now!

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