shameless season 5 spoilers
A wrench will be thrown into Fiona's (Emmy Rossum, left with Dichen Lachman as Angela) marriage when Jimmy (Justin Chatwin, not pictured) slips back into her life during episode 5 of "Shameless." Showtime

Fiona tied the knot in episode 4 of “Shameless.” And according to Nancy Pimental, EP of the hit Showtime series, a former flame of the Gallagher matriarch may just re-enter her life to screw it up.

Yes, we’re talking about the return of Jimmy (Justin Chatwin) who made his reappearance in the Season 4 finale of “Shameless.” Prior to his shocking reprisal, audiences assumed that Estefania’s (Stephanie Fantauzzi) crazy drug lord father had killed Fiona’s ex-boyfriend in Season 3 after he failed to follow orders. But as it turned out, Jimmy (who now goes by the name Jack) is alive, well and looking for Fiona. It’s safe to say that if a nuclear war occurred, Jimmy would survive along with the cockroaches.

Fans discovered that Jimmy has been keeping tabs on Fi in Season 5. Remember the woman who was seen riding around Chicago with Jimmy in the Season 4 finale episode? Well, since then Angela (Dichen Lachman) has become a regular customer at the diner where Fiona works. Jimmy’s friend tips Fi $100 each visit after only ordering a slice of pie and a cup of coffee. Could this be Jimmy’s way of making amends by anonymously giving his ex-girlfriend cash?

shameless season 5 spoilers
Jimmy (Justin Chatwin) and Angela (Dichen Lachman) will return in episode 5 of "Shameless" on Sunday, Feb. 8. Showtime

Pimental revealed to TVLine that Jimmy’s debut would definitely stir drama up in Fiona’s life – specifically her love life. “It shakes up her marriage, but she comes to realize that, in some ways, it’s two separate things. Yes, Jimmy disrupted her marriage, but she also knows she’s a different person now and being with Jimmy is the old Fiona,” the showrunner revealed. “It also makes her realize that just because she disrupts her marriage, she also did make this commitment to be married and she hasn’t gotten to know Gus and she does want to do things differently.”

Could Fiona finally be over Jimmy? It sort of seems that way especially considering Fi wants to turn over a new leaf when it comes to her taste in men.

“(Gus, Steve Kazee) is just a good guy and she’s never really been with a good guy. It’s been a little bit of a rebound effect from Davis and from Sean, and it’s multi-layered. But she wants to believe in it and believe that she is changing her ways and she’s not going for bad boys anymore,” Pimental explained. “This guy looks so good on paper. So she’s selling herself the bill of goods, too, and she believes it for the time being."

In a promo photo for episode 5 viewers can see that both Jimmy and Angela will be present in the episode “Rite of Passage.” Could this mean that Jimmy will finally confront Fiona since his disappearance?

“Shameless” will air episode 5 on Sunday, Feb. 8, at 9 p.m. EST on Showtime.