Shameless season 6 spoilers
Fans will be introduced to Sammi's (Emily Bergl, pictured) mother in Season 6 of "Shameless." CBS

“Shameless” might not return to the small screen until 2016 but it looks like the Showtime dramedy is already giving fans some Season 6 scoop to get them excited for the upcoming installment. And according to a teasing tidbit, it looks like the sixth season won’t be entirely focused around the chaotic Gallagher clan.

E! Online revealed that audiences will get introduced to a new character during the forthcoming season of the show: Sammi’s (Emily Bergl) mother, Queen. And just as her regal name suggests, viewers can anticipate the mother of Frank’s (William H. Macy) long, lost daughter to be “flouncy, flamboyant and sexy.”

While Queen may be flashy, she’s also down to Earth… literally. E! Online teased that Sammi’s mother dearest, who is currently being cast, is an earthy, joyous woman who also happens to be a cannabis farmer. Yep, the woman Frank impregnated on top of a washing machine at the age of 16 has a field of weed growing in her backyard. Maybe that’s why the character is known as Queen -- the Queen of Pot that is!

And because Sammi’s mom has a field of bud thriving in her lush garden, we can only assume her money-hungry, drug-loving ex will try to take advantage of her. After all, Frank is sort of notorious for leaching onto those around him. Take Sammi for example -- Frank got in touch with his daughter only because he wanted her liver!

In Season 4, Frank learned he was dying, which is when he tracked down his eldest daughter in hopes her liver would be a match for the transplant he so desperately needed. But to Frank’s dismay, Sammi wasn’t compatible. This forced him to continue his search for a fitting organ. Despite not being able to give her father her liver, Sammi and her son stuck around -- even though the Gallaghers want nothing more to do with her. Now the Gallaghers will come face-to-face with the woman who gave birth to Sammi in Season 6!

How do you think Queen’s role will play out in the upcoming storyline of “Shameless”? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune in to the new season of “Shameless” on Showtime when the series returns in 2016.