Things are finally looking up for the Gallaghers — both the new ones and the old — in Season 7, episode 5 of Showtime’s original series, “Shameless.”

According to a synopsis for the upcoming episode, titled “Own Your S---,” Frank (William H. Macy) no longer has to worry about being kicked out of the abandoned house he and his motley crew of new Gallaghers and other homeless folks have turned into a shelter. The property has been purchased by a hot shot billionaire who’s willing to let Frank and the rest of the Gallagher Home for the Homeless residents stay. The circumstances of their agreement are not clear at this time.

Meanwhile, Fiona (Emmy Rossum) will go on a date that turns out to be good for more than just her. Her mystery man will provide her with some much needed business advice that just may save Patsy’s Pies. While she fields potential feelings and a newfound business strategy, Ian (Cameron Monaghan) is struggling with dating issues of his own. He’s moving on from Caleb (Jeff Pierre) with Trevor (Elliot Fletcher), but isn’t sure how to process his feelings for the trans LGBTQ youth advocate.

Photos for the episode suggest that Fiona and Ian aren’t going to be the only ones to find love in Season 7, episode 5 of “Shameless.” Debbie’s (Emma Kenney) quest for a man to “keep” her seems to lead her to a man-bun clad Chicago bears fan who appears to be good with kids. With her dating life sorted, Debbie will have time to refocus on her job hunt, but few prospects may force her to embrace her struggle. Elsewhere, Lip (Jeremy Allen White) will continue working at his questionable internship and it seems he’ll be taking a promotion.

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